Fortnite: Flare Gun unlocked and Ripsaw Launcher spawns increases

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To keep players engaged as they compete for the next triumph, Fortnite Season 3 has added a variety of new weapons and map locations to the battle royale.

This season has already seen a wide range of new weaponry and equipment added, from regular firearms to grappling hooks and even Star Wars-inspired weapons like the E-11 Blaster used by Stormtroopers and numerous lightsabers.

The Ripsaw Launcher and the Firework Flare Gun, which are now simpler to obtain, are the two most recent weapons to be added to Fortnite.

The Ripsaw Launcher and the Firework Flare Gun are the two brand-new weapons that were added to the game during the downtime of update 21.10. As implied by their titles, the former will fire saw blades, while the latter will discharge flares. Here’s all you need to know about the Ripsaw Launcher and the Firework Flare Gun in Fortnite.

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Ripsaw Launcher and Firework Flare Gun added to Fortnite

The Ripsaw Launcher and both of the previously mentioned weapons are now available in Fortnite, according to a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account.

Since it can only be obtained in the Chop Shop locale, the Ripsaw Launcher has been accessible in the game for some time. With the announcement made today, that has changed. For the next week, up until Tuesday, 5th July 2022’s 21.20 Update for Fortnite, players can find the Ripsaw launcher as floor loot, in chests, and supply drops.

The Flare Gun has also been unvaulted and is now available as floor loot, in supply drops, and chests, however, this one seems to be permanent for the season.

Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher
Image from Gamerant

The weapon, now called the Firework Flare Gun, has received a fresh coat of paint to make it appear more like a conventional firework and fires out vibrant explosions rather than the flare.

Fortnite Firework Flare Gun
Image from Gamerant

The weapon continues to indicate the opponents’ locations exactly as it did previously. This revised version only changes the packaging to more accurately match the “Vibin” Season 3 title.

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