Usain Bolt 100m world record: How does Jamaican compare to sports cars?

Usain Bolt 100m vs Sports Cars

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet, although not at his peak anymore, no one has been able to break below 9.6 seconds in the 100 metre sprint, with Bolt’s 9.58 second time still the world record.

In 2016, Bolt made it three Olympic gold medals in a row in the 100 metre sprint, cementing himself as an all-time great of the Games. It meant there was just one question everyone wanted to know…

Is Usain Bolt quicker than luxury sports cars? Well thankfully we have the answer, ES Magazine conducted an experiment to see who would be the quickest over 100 metres.

They compared the Jamaican to the Porsche Boxter S, Ferrari 458 Italia and the Bentley Bentayga, so let’s see how they all fair.

Porsche’s Boxster S accelerates at an impressive 5,555 ms2, reaching a top speed of 279kmh. With a horsepower of 315 and a drag coefficient of 0.29 meaning it can cover the 100 metre distance in just six seconds.

Next up it’s the Ferrari 458 Italia which has an acceleration of 8.17 ms2, quite a bit quicker than the Porsche. It has a slightly worse drag coefficient at 0.330 but has a quicker top speed at 330kmh. It would take the Ferrari 458 Italia just 4.95 seconds to cover 100 metres.

Bolt wins Olympic gold.
General Sport – Beijing 2008 Olympic Games – Beijing, China – 16/8/08 Athletics – Jamaica’s Usain Bolt celebrates winning the Men’s 100m final in a world record time Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Jason O’Brien Livepic PLEASE NOTE: FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Finally, it’s the SUV from Bentley, the Bentley Bentayga. It accelerates with 7.037 ms2 with a top speed  just breaching the 300kmh mark at 301kmh. With an eye watering 608 horsepower, this is a rapid SUV. Its drag efficient is just 0.34 which is very good for an SUV. All in all it means the 100 metres is covered in 5.0198 seconds.

Surprisingly, the SUV wasn’t the slowest of the three cars, but they all cover the distance quicker than Bolt can and therefore any human.

There are massive advantages for the cars though. Bolt can only reach a top speed of 44kmh, which sounds impressive for a human, but when comparing him to these sports cars that can do 300kmh, there’s only one winner.

Formula One F1 – Italian Grand Prix – Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza, Italy – September 12, 2021 Usain Bolt is seen on the grid before the race REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini

He also has a much bigger drag coefficient to contend with at 1.2 whilst the cars have wind tunnels to optimise their aerodynamics, Bolt doesn’t have that built in.

It isn’t all defeat for Bolt in the battle of human vs super car. He accelerates at 9.5 ms2 which is quicker than any of the cars we’ve looked at, meaning off the mark they can’t compete with the Jamaican sprinter.

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