Rio Ferdinand mugging off Robbie Savage while discussing tunnel fight is still funny

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Rio Ferdinand mugging off Robbie Savage while talking about their tunnel fight is still funny

Did you know that Rio Ferdinand and Robbie Savage once had a scrap in the tunnel at Old Trafford?

Back in January 2006, the pair clashed at half-time during a League Cup semi-final fixture between Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers.

Ferdinand was seen nudging Savage as the teams walked off the pitch at the interval, which prompted the Welsh midfielder to chase after the United star.

What happened in tunnel between Ferdinand and Savage?

Footage of what happened next has never emerged, although Ferdinand threatened to release CCTV video in 2017 after Savage revealed on a podcast: “We hated each other because we had a fight in the Old Trafford tunnel. Semi-final of the Cup. It was 1-1. I think we had drawn 1-1 at Ewood Park and it was the second leg at Old Trafford.

“United had just scored a penalty and he (Ferdinand) ran past me to go down the tunnel in the corner at half-time and he nudged me so I chased him.

“I got into the tunnel and booted him up the backside, leathered him up the backside.

“And then, all of a sudden, he’s come for me and clipped me around the head with a right swinger.

“A few other people got involved then and then the security men arrived. It all kicked off!”

After hearing Savage’s side of the story, Ferdinand tweeted: “Don’t make me call Man Utd for the CCTV… you know what happened.”

Rio Ferdinand mugs off Robbie Savage with schoolboy prank

Months later, Ferdinand and Savage worked together on the Premier League clash between Man Utd and Newcastle United.

Rio had just announced that he was in training to become a professional boxer and the 2006 incident was brought up again.

“I battered him in the tunnel!” Savage said, convincing nobody. “He needed four security men to have a go at me.”

Ferdinand said: “He was chewing the concrete in the tunnel!”

Rio Ferdinand and Robbie Savage

The United legend wouldn’t go into further detail on live TV out of respect for his BT Sport colleague, but did then embarrass him with a classic schoolboy prank.

“Sorry, Robbie, sorry,” Ferdinand said, holding out his hand.

He then pulled it away before Savage could connect, much to everyone’s amusement.

Watch it here:

A bit silly and childish perhaps, but it’s good to see that schoolboy pranks still have a place in society.

And hopefully one day that CCTV footage is posted. 

Let’s be honest: we’d all love to see it.

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