Sonic Frontiers: Cyber Space areas revealed during Nintendo Direct


Our first peek at Sonic Frontiers playing on the Switch was provided by SEGA during the Nintendo Direct mini: Partner Showcase.

In addition, we got a glimpse of a brand-new territory dubbed Cyber Space. Soon after the Partner Showcase, SEGA released a detailed overview of Sonic Frontiers as a whole, not simply the Cyber Space region. Cyber Space will be where Sonic fans will find more recognisable landscapes, while Starfall Islands, beginning with Kronos Island, will make up what Sega is referring to as Frontiers’ Open Zone.

Character biographies, enemy information, and more are included along with a new perspective on previously presented locales.

The portals that allow you to enter Cyber Space will transport you to a variety of levels, some of which will feel completely unfamiliar to you while others will have a vague familiarity. As you can see above, at least one of the Cyber Space levels will transport Sonic to a revised version of the Green Hill Zone.

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Sonic Frontiers’ Cyber space areas

The Starfall Islands are home to numerous Cyber Space portals that were built by the Koco, a long-gone civilisation. There is uncertainty over who or what this civilisation is, but when a prologue starring Knuckles debuts, that gap may very well be closed. Hopefully, that prologue will be available before Frontiers premieres later this year.

Curiously, Knuckles’ participation in the game is not mentioned at all. Blue blur fans believe Big the Cat will make an unexpected comeback, while Sega has stated that Amy and Tails will play some sort of role in Sonic’s most recent adventure.

Regarding Cyber Space, although there are portals everywhere around the open zone, getting to them requires you to finish tasks and work out puzzles in the ones you have previously opened in exchange for keys that let you enter other ones.

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