Mario Strikers Battle League: Every piece of gear

Mario Strikers Gear

Mario Strikers Battle League is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Here is every piece of gear available to you in the game.

‘Gear’ is items of clothing in the game that can be equipped to enhance your character’s stats. It can be accessed by entering the Gear Settings menu from the game’s main menu. Gear can be the difference between a winning and a losing team, so it’s vital that you know your stuff and equip the correct items before heading onto the pitch.

There are four gear slots on every character which are the head, arms, body, and legs. Each has different gear options with various stat alterations. Every character has access to the same forms of gear, so none of your players are at a disadvantage.

So, with this – let’s take a look at every bit of gear that’s involved within the game and how it affects your character in the game.

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Base Gear

Each piece of base gear costs 100 coins, but bear in mind that when you buy a piece of gear for one of your team, you buy it for that character, if you want to use the same piece of gear on two characters you’ll have to buy it twice.

Head Gear

Cannon Visor Mario Strikers

Muscle Helmet – Strength +2, Technique -2

Turbo Helmet – Speed +2, Technique -2

Cannon Visor – Shooting +2, Technique -2

Chain Helmet – Passing +2, Speed -2

Trick Helmet – Technique +2, Passing -2

Arm Gear

Trick Gloves Mario Strikers

Muscle Gauntlets – Strength +2, Passing -2

Turbo Gloves – Speed +2, Strength -2

Cannon Gloves – Shooting +2, Speed -2

Chain Gauntlets – Passing +2, Shooting -2

Trick Gloves – Technique +2, Speed -2

Body Gear

Cannon Plate Mario Strikers

Muscle Chest – Strength +2, Shooting -2

Turbo Pad – Speed +2, Passing -2

Cannon Plate – Shooting +2, Strength -2

Chain Plate – Passing +2, Technique -2

Trick Pad – Technique +2, Strength -2

Leg Gear

Turbo Boots Mario Strikers

Muscle Boots – Strength +2, Speed -2

Turbo Boots – Speed +2, Shooting -2

Cannon Boots – Shooting +2, Passing -2

Chain Boots – Passing +2, Strength -2

Trick Boots – Technique +2, Shooting -2

Unlockable Gear

Bushido Helmet Mario Strikers

There is only one bit of unlockable gear in the game, which is the ‘Bushido gear‘. You can acquire it by completing every Cup Battle on Normal Mode. Here is the full list of Bushido gear.

Bushido Helmet – Passing +4, Strength -1, Speed -1, Shooting -1, Technique -1

Bushido Bracers – Technique +4, Strength -1, Speed -1, Shooting -1, Passing -1

Bushido Armour – Strength +4, Speed -1, Shooting -1, Passing -1, Technique -1

Bushido Sandals – Speed +4, Strength -1, Shooting -1, Passing -1, Technique -1

These all cost 300 coins per character.

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