WWE Hall of Famer's makes shock admission regarding in-ring return

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Booker T is a former five-time World Champion, with his time at the top of the card coming in both WCW and WWE.

Booker T (57) hasn’t been a full-time wrestler in WWE since 2007, when he was granted his release and went on to join TNA.

He returned to WWE in 2011 and 2012, and embarked on somewhat of an in-ring return, entering that year’s Royal Rumble and feuding with Cody Rhodes, who was the Intercontinental Champion at the time.

Booker T’s last match came at house show in the United Kingdom, in April 2012, where he teamed with Drew McIntyre, with the pair beating the duo of Christian and Mark Henry.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T was asked about whether or not he thinks of an in-ring return in WWE.

He explained that while it’s not something he’s thought about, he doesn’t think he’d say no if he was asked to wrestle another match.

The wrestling icon did explain that he doesn’t have the itch to get back into the ring though, saying the following:

I never think about another match in WWE. I mean if it happens, I think I’ll probably say yeah. It’s just not something wrestlers do is turn down wrestling matches or anything like that. But I don’t have any itch to scratch or anything like that. I’ve scratched every itch.

He went on to say that preparation is key, so he’d be training in the ring, and joked that he’d only come back to have another match if he was earning good money.

Preparation is the only luck you’re ever gonna have. So I’ll be in the gym training. I can guarantee you I will be doing it just for the money (he laughs), and for no other reason, so I’m just keeping it real.

It’s worth noting that it hasn’t been reported that WWE has made efforts to bring Booker T back for a match, so perhaps he won’t ever even be asked to make a comeback.

However, given the fact he’s still under WWE contract and appears on the kickoff show panels before pay-per-views, it isn’t out of the question to suggest he’ll make a comeback at some stage in the future.

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