Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.004: Release date and patch notes

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo was released by Bethesda and Tango Gameworks in March, and it has received generally positive reviews.

The game focuses on a young man named Akito and his spirit mate KK as they attempt to save Tokyo from a supernatural threat.

Despite some criticism from the gaming community regarding the game’s pace and incorporation of Japanese folklore, many reviews praised its characters, setting, and world-building.

Now, the developers have released an update called Tanabata for PC and PlayStation 5.
The new patch includes a variety of bug fixes and tweaks, as well as a new Emote and a few new immersive graphics effects.

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Release Date

The Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.004 went live on Thursday 29th June 2022 and is available to download.

Ghostwire Tokyo Update 1.004 Patch Notes

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Tanabata tells the story of two star-crossed lovers: Princess Orihime, the daughter of the God of the Sky, and Hikoboshi, a cattle farmer, who are separated by the Heavenly River but fated to meet for one night every year, the 7th day of the 7th month, a traditional Japanese festival that begins on 7th July.

During this festival, participants hang paper decorations from bamboo trees with their wishes written on them.

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As part of this update, players can now make their Tanabata wishes using the Tanabata Wishes emote, according to Bethesda. Read on for the full details.

Changes and Improvements

Added new “Film Grain” and “Color-Fringe” options under video settings

Bug Fixes

All Platforms

  • Adjusted the behaviour of some emotes
  • Adjusted the effects of certain emotes when using them on uneven terrain
  • Adjusted lighting during emotes
  • Made adjustments to rotating Akito on the Inventory screen
  • Adjusted lighting for the “Inugami Mummy” collectable
Ghostwire: Tokyo

PlayStation 5 Fixes

  • Fixed progression issues for the following side missions:
  • Haunting Visions (corrected auto save issue)
  • A Doll’s Last Rites
  • Strung with a Curse

PC Fixes

  • Improved overall performance

In addition to the above adjustments and bug fixes, the Tanabata update also includes improvements to the PS4 and PC.
While the patch notes don’t go into specifics, the changes include changes to lighting, effects, behaviour, and inventory icons.

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Princess Peach in Super Mario

A simple one to begin with, we beg you know this – otherwise I’d just stop here.

Considering modern AAA games, the Tanabata update appears to be relatively small, and Ghostwire: Tokyo may benefit from a few tweaks and fixes.

But the new emotes and graphical effects aren’t anything, even if they don’t change the game all that much.

That’s all we know about the latest update to the game which will still allow fans to journey through Tokyo.

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