Tyson Fury vs Hafthor Bjornsson: When the giants compared physiques

Tyson Fury vs Hafthor Bjornsson: When the giants compared physiques

As Tyson Fury and Hafthor Bjornsson trade remarks on social media regarding a possible exhibition bout somewhere down the line, it reminded us of a YouTube video of an exchange between the pair from the end of last year.

Meeting in Glasgow in December 2021, the pair discussed their respective physiques and training routines, with the two-time boxing champion Fury sporting a considerably flabbier torso to the formidable muscular frame of Strongman champion Bjornsson.

Fury, undefeated former unified heavyweight champion of the world, laughed as he made comments about Bjornsson’s appearance, exclaiming: “I don’t know how it’s possible! Look at him, and then look at me.”

Also rising to prominence after appearing in acclaimed TV fantasy drama Game of Thrones, The Mountain admitted to Fury that his large muscle mass leaves him susceptible to fatigue, with the latter joking with a colleague about the efficacy of his unconventional frame.

In a light-hearted and humorous conversation, the two towering figures also paid complements and compared height – both men stand at an impressive 6’9”, with Fury perhaps slightly edging the difference.

The meeting came when Bjornsson had a record of 1-2-0 as a professional boxer, prior to his heated grudge match against Strongman competitor and former world champion Eddie Hall, which the Icelandic athlete won via a points decision.

With talks of an exhibition bout doing the works after both men confirmed interest throughout an Instagram exchange, it remains to be seen whether Fury’s advice may have been absorbed, and whether The Mountain could indeed implement it should they meet inside the ring.

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Despite the obvious discrepancy in boxing ability, the affair would be sure to be a success, with both men boasting star quality and a build-up certain to pique the interest of sport entertainment fans in abundance.

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