WWE Mount Rushmore: Sting excludes The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels

Sting excluded The Undertaker from his WWE Mount Rushmore

Sting v The Undertaker is a WWE dream match that we haven’t ever seen, and at this stage, we are unlikely to ever see.

The two WWE Hall of Famers are two of the best to ever step into the ring, but have never actually shared the ring together.

Sting was in WCW while The Undertaker was in WWE, and Sting was one of the only top stars who didn’t jump to Vince McMahon’s company in 2001.

Sting was only brought into WWE in 2014, and after feuding with Triple H and Seth Rollins, was forced to retire from wrestling, so his match with The Undertaker couldn’t happen.

There was a period during the rise of cinematic matches when fans thought we could see the two greats share the screen in that way, but that hasn’t happened yet, and is unlikely to ever happen at this stage.

And during a recent interview with The Schmo, Sting has revealed his Mount Rushmore, and has interestingly excluded The Undertaker, who features on many other peoples.

The AEW star also left out Shawn Michaels, opting to include The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Stone Cold Steve Austin instead.

“I’m not going to put myself in there. Obviously you have to have Hulk Hogan in there, you have to have Ric Flair in there. I think you’ve got to have The Rock in there. And Stone Cold [Steve Austin].”

The only name on his Mount Rushmore who Sting didn’t share the ring with was The Rock, with the 63-year-old having wrestled the other three members of his list on several occasions.

Sting is doing some great work with AEW right now, with the moves he regularly pulls off in the ring being incredibly impressive for someone who was told he had to retire just seven years ago.

He’s working with Darby Allin at the moment in a tag team, with the duo having teamed together for the last year, working with some of the top teams the promotion has to offer.

As of right now, there’s no word on when Sting is planning on stepping away from wrestling for good, but given how great he looks in the ring right now, there’s no indication that he’ll be retiring anytime soon.

While retirement isn’t likely at this stage, a return to WWE for Sting is, so it seems highly unlikely that we’re ever going to get to see him work with The Undertaker.

Thanks to Cultaholic for the transcription.

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