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Mobile Legends

Over the past few years, MOBA games have experienced exponential growth, and Mobile Legends is no exception.

Two teams of players face off against one another in Mobile Legends on a predetermined battleground. You can select from a large selection of elite heroes in the game, just like in other MOBAs.

You can defeat the hardest opponents in Mobile Legends by having the best heroes on your side. However, picking the top characters might be challenging, especially with so many options available.

The hero selection in Mobile Legends is enormous and infinitely varied, ranging from mystical tacticians to powerful brutes and clever rogues. On your route to triumph, unleash amazing skills and devastating ultimates.

We have created a Mobile Legends tier list ranking all the characters from best to worst to spare you from this time-consuming task.

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Mobile Legends tier list

The five levels that the characters on the tier list fall under are as follows:

S-Tier: Based on the metagame at the time, the top characters in the game.

A-Tier: Exceptional and excellent characters that are helpful in any circumstance.

B-Tier: Solid individuals who, if we don’t have the greatest, can balance our team.

C-Tier: Characters in the C-Tier aren’t terrible, but you should swap them out for better ones as soon as you have the chance.

D-Tier: You should only employ these in an emergency or if you don’t have a character to play a certain part.

Updated Mobile Legends tier list

here’s the updated tier list of Mobile Legends:

  • S-Tier: Tigreal, Grock
  • A-Tier: Edith, Akai, Alice, Atlas, Esmeralda, Gatotkaca, Gloo, Johnson, Lolita, Minotaur, Uranus
  • B-Tier: Balmond, Baxia, Franco, Hilda, Hylos, Khufra
  • C-Tier: Barats, Ruby
  • D-Tier: Belerick

In order to level up and earn prizes, you must use your skills. The more prizes you get, the higher your rating is. To that end, a wide variety of characters—from melee fighters to archers or mages—can be used for any function in combat.

Mobile Legends Heroes
Image from Ginx tv

You are encouraged to use the characters with whom you are most familiar, even if this article ranks them all from greatest to worst. You can do this to discover new possibilities and learn how to use any hero in Mobile Legends.

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