Female fitness influencer leaves male gym-goers stunned with insane deadlift

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A female fitness influencer recently left a group of male gym-goers completely stunned after they bet she couldn’t lift the same amount as them.

Alice Elizabeth, who posts regular gym videos on TikTok and Instagram, made light work of lifting a hefty total of 160kg in weights.

She filmed herself completing the set and captured the priceless reactions of the men watching on.

The video, which has been viewed more than 17 million times on TikTok, starts with two of the men smiling as Alice approaches the bar.

The text reads: These guys didn’t believe I could lift the same as them… So I repped it.”

Other men around her watched on as she prepared to start the deadlift, sharing looks of bemusement and intrigue.

Alice then proceeded to complete six reps of the 160kg set – the way the expressions on the men’s faces changed is priceless.

The camera panned to each onlooker, with one individual who could hardly believe what he was watching.

@ecila_x No belt, no straps, no warm up, just the audacity #gymhumor #girlpower #lifting #strongwomen ♬ gangstas paradise – favsoundds

“No belt, no straps, no warm up, just the audacity,” Alice captioned the video, along with the hashtags #girlpower and #gymhumour.

The clip has raked in more than 3.5 million likes since being uploaded two days ago.

Tens of thousands of replies have filled Alice’s comment section to celebrate female empowerment and share amusement over the reactions of the men. The official Gymshark account also left a comment to show how impressed they were with Alice’s ability.

“Humbled them all, one rep at a time,” the UK fitness brand wrote.

This isn’t the first time a fitness influencer has wowed male gym-goers with their technique and skill either.

In fact, earlier this year, content creator Chiz Egbuziem uploaded a video of the moment she was approached by Anthony Joshua in the gym as she was about to start her benchpress routine.

@liftinwitchiz I crumbled girls I crumbled 😭 #anthonyjoshua #lboroplwl #gym #fyp ♬ Cmonnn (Hit It One Time) – 5Star

“Get them weights in, girl,” the two-time world heavyweight champion said as he walked past her.

Chiz’s video has been viewed almost five million times and pulled in thousands of comments.

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