Mario Strikers Battle League: All Usable Items

Mario Strikers Items

Mario Strikers Battle League is out now for the Nintendo Switch, here we have a list of all the useable items that are available to you on the game.

One of the staple features in any Mario game is items that can be used to either enhance your own characters or to cause mayhem with your opponents. This is no different in Mario Strikers Battle League, where items are a key component when battling it out on the pitch.

When tackled off the ball in Mario Strikers Battle League and your side will be rewarded with an item box. What you’ll get is random but chosen from a small selection. There’s also one item, the star, which is only rewarded for those being bullied heavily.

Here at Give Me Sport we’ve put together a Mario Strikers Battle League item list below so you know all the tools available to you within the game and what they do. Scroll down below to see the full list.

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Mario Strikers Battle League: All items

Items in Mario Strikers Battle League can be acquired from ‘question mark blocks’ that spawn into the stadium.

There are two different variants of blocks. There are rainbow blocks which both sides can collect and appear sporadically, but there are also team-coloured blocks that are thrown on any time a team is dispossessed of the ball. Once picked up – items are shown in the top corners of the screen.

Here is a full list of all the items that can be obtained in Mario Strikers Battle League.


Mushroom in Mario Strikers

A mushroom increases your speed for a few moments when activated. They’re ideal for a break to pull off a Hyper Strike or bouncing the ball off a wall in order to get into a position to shoot past the goalkeeper.


Bob-omb in Mario Strikers

The Bob-omb walks in a straight line for a short distance before exploding, which then knocks back all players on the opposing team who come into contact with the blast.


Banana power up in Mario Strikers

This item places a large banana peel on the pitch. Any players who comes into contact with the banana peel will fall over and will be down for a few seconds.

Green Shell

Green Shell in Mario Strikers

The green shell travels in a straight line when fired, bouncing off the pitch fences. Any player that is hit will fall over and will be down for a few moments.

Red Shell

Red Shell in Mario Strikers

The red shell item targets the nearest opponent when thrown, hitting them and sending them down to the ground.


Star in Mario Strikers Battle League

The star is a bit of a different item in the game.

It makes the character invincible for a short time and boosts all of their attributes. Opponents touched while the star is active will be knocked over for a short time.

Using a Hyper Strike or Charged shot while the star is active will remove the invincibility, but will actually absorb the star’s power into the ball to increase the power of the shot. Stars are only awarded to teams repeatedly tackled and are not in possession.

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