Kurt Angle claims WWE star's size is holding him back

Kurt Angle has confirmed he's now wrestled his last match

Chad Gable is, in the eyes of many, one of the most underappreciated WWE Superstars on the roster right now.

Many fans feel as if Gable, who participated in the Olympics before signing with WWE, should be pushed more than he is right now.

In fairness, Gable has enjoyed a fair bit more screen time over the last few months, regularly being used on Raw as part of his Alpha Academy act with Otis.

Kurt Angle, who also competed in the Olympics before joining WWE, has now weighed in with his thoughts on Gable, and how he fits into WWE right now.

Speaking to NBC Sports Boston, Angle suggested that it is Chad’s size that is holding him back in WWE right now, which is something many fans also believe to be true.

Angle suggested that higher-ups might look at Chad’s size and not seeing him as a top star, which based on who is at the top fo WWE right now, would make sense.

Well, he’s a great talent. He’s very talented and I think the reason is his size. You know he’s probably 170 pounds, you know 5’8. I think that bears a little bit on the reason why he’s not being pushed as much as he should be but I think he is an amazing talent.

However, the former WWE Champion said that WWE would be wise to push Gable, believing that they could do a lot with him.

I think the WWE can do a lot with him. He’s very technical, he has a lot of charisma, he’s a talented kid and I think he would do extremely well if the company pushed him.

Angle and Gable actually wrestled together in 2019, with Chad having one of Kurt’s last matches before his retirement at WrestleMania 35.

Angle coming into WWE actually led to the split of American Alpha, Chad Gable’s tag team with Jas Jordan, back in 2017.

At the time, Jordan was being portrayed as Angle’s illegitimate son, so he moved over to Raw, leaving Gable on SmackDown and putting an end to their popular tag team.

Many fans have suggested that if Angle does return to TV, a pairing/partnership with Gable should be something that WWE looks to explore.

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