WWE Hall of Famer defends decision to have Goldberg beat The Fiend in 2020

Goldberg beating The Fiend is one of WWE's worst booking decisions

In the eyes of many, Goldberg beating ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt in February 2020 is one of the worst booking decisions WWE has made in recent memory.

Bray Wyatt was the Universal Champion at the time, and at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, WWE made the call to have Goldberg beat him.

The decision felt like the final nail in the coffin for Bray, and many WWE fans took it as an indication that Vince McMahon was never going to push Wyatt fully.

You won’t find many people who agree with the decision WWE, but that’s where former WCW Executive Eric Bischoff comes into the story.

Bischoff during the Strictly Business gave his verdict on WWE’s infamous 2020 booking decision, surprisingly saying it was a good idea.

The former Raw General Manager claimed that there are many reasons why the decision was a good one, speaking about the benefits.

I can give you about 39,999,000 million reasons why that was a decent idea. It was all business.

Bischoff went to speak about what WWE gained from the move, explaining that the decision was purely a business one:

It’s about the money. You’re gonna give the customer what they want for $40 million. You’re the Chairman of a publicly held company. Are you going to have to answer to your shareholders cause you turned down 40 f*cking million dollars because you didn’t want a character to lose?

Bischoff even went on to suggest that WWE could have been handed a class-action lawsuit if they decided to turn down the $40million dollars and have The Fiend win.

$40 million dollars! That’s a class-action lawsuit, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Eric did go on to explain that he understands that The Fiend was a unique character, but stated that he was a strong character and could very much take the loss.

If a character’s strong, and Bray was, that loss isn’t going to matter. A strong character can take a loss. Now granted, that character is a very unique character. Had to be handled in a very unique way, but it could have been possible to do it.

Bray Wyatt went on to be released by WWE in July 2021, just over a year after losing to Goldberg in Saudi Arabia.

In the eyes of many, then 35-year-old never really recovered from his loss to the WWE Hall of Famer, with many seeing it as the beginning of the end of his time in WWE.

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