The Rock: Pat McAfee spoke to Dwayne Johnson before recent WWE SmackDown promo

The Rock gave permission to Pat McAfee before his SmackDown promo last week

Pat McAfee spoke to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson before cutting one of his recent promos on WWE SmackDown.

This month on SmackDown, commentator Pat McAfee started a feud with Happy Corbin, likely leading to a SummerSlam match between the two.

On the June 24 show last week, McAfee cut a promo on Corbin and paid homage to The Rock in the process, orchestrating the fans to chant ‘Bum Ass Corbin’ at Baron.

The Rock responded to the promo, giving his seal of approval before stating that he very much enjoys watching the former NFL kicker on WWE TV.

And now, on a recent episode of his podcast, McAfee has said that he actually spoke to the former WWE Champion and Hollywood megastar before he cut his promo last week.

McAfee explained that he spoke to The Rock to get permission to use his catchphrase in his promo last week, which is seen to be the right thing to do within the wrestling industry.

Shoutout to The Rock by the way, thanks man. People are wondering, in the wrestling world, when you say somebody else’s catchphrase, it’s kind of a thing. Don’t want to go too in the weeds here, but I did get permission beforehand from Dwayne Johnson to say it.

The Rock wanted a bit of context from McAfee before signing off, but then when the SmackDown commentator explained what he had in mind for the promo, Dwayne was quick to give his blessing.

I sent a text, ‘This is what I’m thinking. Can I drop a (line)?’ He actually responded and said, ‘Give me some context so we can really get this thing going.’ He gave me an entire ‘here we go.’ I’m very grateful and thankful for The Rock. I appreciate the hell out of him.

Again, WWE hasn’t booked the match between Corbin and McAfee, but based on what’s been happening on SmackDown, it’ll almost certainly be on the card for SummerSlam.

Corbin is an incredibly reliable worker, and McAfee has shone in any of the matches he’s had in WWE, so the match next month has every chance of stealing the show, if given time.

It’s worth stressing that GiveMeSport will work to provide updates on what WWE is planning for the match, as they become available, and will keep you posted on any official confirmation from WWE.

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