Ian Garry offers to give Daniel Cormier golf lessons

  • Tom Ward

Ian Garry has offered to teach UFC legend Daniel Cormier how to play golf.

Garry, 24, is currently preparing for his second UFC outing of 2022.

Ireland’s Garry is set to take on American Gabriel Green at UFC 276, which takes place on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The Irishman may be a full-time athlete, but he still manages to sneak in a few rounds here and there.

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In fact, truth be told, he’s actually rather quite good at it, which is more than can be said for Cormier, 43.

“So, I am technically a 10 handicap,” Garry exclusively told GiveMeSport.com.

“Now that was December 2020 the last time I got my handicap checked. My life’s been pretty f***ing crazy since I last played a golf competition. So I don’t know what my handicap is right now but I’m f***ing awesome, I can tell you that.

Ian Garry is a keen golfer

“I’m f***ing awesome at golf. I’m getting so much better and I’m enjoying it. DC is the worst golfer I’ve seen in regards to the UFC, 100 per cent.

“Here’s the best part about golf though – he can change his swing in one week. He can get so much better in one week. Dude, I was a 28 handicap.

“I was s**t. I couldn’t hit the ball straight for f***ing ages. I remember nearly hitting f***ing people, hitting houses, hitting cars.

“But with DC he needs to work on his follow through. I could give DC lessons. I could definitely give DC lessons.

“I’ve seen a couple of videos of him playing golf. I mean I’ve not seen a lot of other f***ing UFC fighters play golf so the list is quite short. But here’s the best part about it, he has done everything he wanted to in his career, and now he’s retired.

Ian Garry is 2-0 in the UFC

“He’s been a world champion in different divisions, he’s been a world champion in different organisations, now he’s got a different goal. Now he’s on DC & RC, he’s doing UFC commentary, he’s in a new part of his life. And now he wants to go play golf and get better at it and he’s got enough time to do whatever the f**k it is he wants to do.

“Let him enjoy it. Listen, if he wants any tips, tell him to hit me up. I cost a pretty penny though to give tips I’m pretty f***ing good at what I do I can tell you that for a fact.”

Since he was barely out of college, Garry has often been compared to Conor McGregor, and for good reason, too.

However, perhaps unlike a few other top prospects, he is happy to take things at his own pace.

“I do not need to rush,” he added.

Ian Garry fights out of Sanford MMA in Florida

“I don’t like this attitude in MMA. I see some f***ing ridiculously stupid comments like ‘oh, he wouldn’t beat this guy’. They don’t know what they’re talking about half the time like they don’t even know that I’m literally training with them.

“I’ve had two fights in the UFC. So I mean, I love the fact that people are even thinking that. I love the fact that people are talking about me fighting these other names and he wouldn’t beat so and so.

“It’s like great, cool. Keep putting my name in the same sentence as these guys. Why? Because I’m on my own path.

“That’s the difference. I am in no rush. I’m doing what I want and I’m not going to be a pawn for anyone.

“I’m not going to be manipulated into doing something I don’t want to.

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“I’m also surrounded by f***ing great people who are very, very smart who have done this for years like Henri Hooft. He has led people to world titles in the UFC. He knows I’m absolutely nowhere near the potential of what I can be and what I will be in the future.

“But right now he knows how f***ing good I am and that’s what’s f***ing scary.

“What is the point of rushing my career? What is the point of rushing my development? What is the point of trying to please everyone?

“It’s about me. I want to grow, I want to learn, I want to do everything right by my standards.

“I never ever ever have to have a fight and then lose it and go oh it was my fault I wasn’t ready.

“No, f**k that. If I’m taking a fight, I’m ready for absolutely everything that person can throw at me. And I should never sit there and say well I wasn’t ready.

“That’s my attitude in regards to that.”

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