Lewis Hamilton: It's time for some older voices to be denied platform

Lewis Hamilton has said that it’s time some older voices were denied being given a platform to express their ‘archaic’ views.

The 7-time world champion has been on the end of a racial slur used by Nelson Piquet in the last few days, with the interview the Brazilian gave where he used the word only just surfacing in the mainstream media having been recorded back in 2021.

Indeed, with that and recent comments from Bernie Ecclestone on Thursday morning where he appeared to stand by Vladimir Putin in mind, Hamilton says it’s time we stop giving the limelight to certain individuals:

“I don’t know why we are continuing to give these older voices a platform.

“They are speaking for our sport, but we are looking to go somewhere different and they are not representative of who we are now and where we are planning to go.

“If we are looking to grow our audiences in the US and South Africa we need to be giving the younger people a platform. They are more representative of today’s time and who we are trying to be. It is not just about one individual, or the use of that term, but the bigger picture.

“These older voices, subconsciously or consciously, do not agree people like me should be in this sport. Discrimination should not be projected.

“I don’t think in the last couple of weeks a day has gone by where some of the older people who are not in our sport or have not been relevant in our sport for decades have tried to say negative things and bring me down, but I am still here and still standing strong and trying to do my work and pushing diversity.”

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