Final Fantasy 14: Long-Awaited Shiba Inu Mount added

Final Fantasy 14

Fans have been salivating at the possibility of having their big Shiba inu to romp about Hydaelyn since it was first discovered back in April when Final Fantasy 14‘s update 6.1 initially appeared.

The Megashiba will now arrive, almost three months after it was first announced. With persistent online games, it can be difficult to surprise your players.

Dataminers will simply delve into the code and discover what is coming even if something isn’t enabled in an MMO as soon as a patch is applied. That is precisely what has happened with the eagerly anticipated Shiba Inu mount in Final Fantasy 14.

The Megashiba will be able to bark, whimper, and wag its tail while performing an animated tippy-tap dance, as shown in the trailer below. The Megashiba’s tongue adorably lolls in the breeze due to its ability to fly.

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Shiba Inu Mount in Final Fantasy 14

The Megashiba mount is pretty much what it says it is: a huge Shiba Inu dog that you can ride around on. That is an incredibly adorable steed that you can ride, complete with a charming scarf and a suitable-sized saddle.

The server maintenance also included the Street Attire set in addition to your new favourite mount. This outfit includes a leather vest or jacket, multi-pocket cargo pants, way too many chains and necklaces, high-top sneakers, and a ball cap that is facing the wrong way. If you didn’t like the dark leather look, they readily accept dyes. Watch the trailer below:

Following yesterday’s scheduled server maintenance, which began at 4 PM ET, both the Megashiba and Street Attire sets are now accessible. The Megashiba will set you back $24/£20 and unlock across your whole account, while the Street Attire set will cost you $22/£18.

Although Yoshi-P is also producing the upcoming game, Final Fantasy 16, it won’t be connected to Final Fantasy 14 in any manner.

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