Logan Paul: Five possible feuds for the new WWE star

  • Ash Rose
WWE Logan Paul

It was announced last night that Logan Paul has officially signed a WWE contract to be a full-time WWE Superstar. 

The social media star was one of the stars of WrestleMania weekend in April, impressing fans with his in-ring ability as he teamed with The Miz to defeat Dominic and Rey Mysterio. 

Ahead his first big run as a WWE star, GiveMeSport identifies five possible feuds for controversial celebrity. 

The Miz

The obvious choice and one you expect will be picked up for a big SummerSlam singles match. Paul has already made his intentions during his contract signing, posting an image of him holding up a piece of paper that read ‘Coming 4U @Miz’. 

This comes after Miz’s post-match attack on the social media star following their WrestleMania win in April. And while the A-Lister may have batted-off the attack during an interview on this week’s Raw, it’s clear that Logan has revenge on his mind and his coming for the former WWE Champion. You can pretty confidently add this to your SummerSlam card. 

Roman Reigns 

There is literally no one left (Rhodes and McIntyre aside) for Roman to fight in WWE, so much so that they’ve got back to the well with Brock Lesnar for SummerSlam. But imagine even the possibility of WWE hinting that Logan Paul could beat the all-conquering Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

It won’t happen, we think, but what it would do is create tremendous buzz for WWE around the idea of Paul challenging for a WWE Championship. It would take some time, and you wouldn’t want to do it too soon and portray Logan like a modern day (slightly more famous) David Arquette. However, it would totally bring that mainstream appeal that WWE so often craves. 

Seth Rollins 

There are two very good reasons why a feud with Seth Rollins would be ideal for Logan Paul. Firstly, Seth would make Logan look like a million dollars in the ring, as he has so often day with other new talent in the past – look to his SummerSlam meeting with a wet behind the ears Dominic Mysterio for evidence. 

And, secondly, you can see this current Seth Rollins character being the perfect believable foil for Paul. ‘The Visionary’ acts every bit the social media/YouTube star, but just does it for a WWE audience than rather behind his own channel or account. The character would resent Logan Paul for the profile he has and lead to us seeing that nasty side of Rollins we all love. Prepare for the ultimate drip-off. 


No this isn’t just a lazy connection due to Theory’s love for selfies and social media – although it sure helps the idea. No, this is what it could do for someone WWE clearly already has massive stock in.

Logan Paul has a following across his social media accounts that exceeds 20 million, and a large proportion of those aren’t even WWE fans. So, imagine the exposure a new name and face like Theory would get mixing it up with Logan Paul. Not to mention the boost it would give the Upstart on WWE TV, where the programme would be positioned high up the card to make the most of Logan’s huge profile. 

Cody Rhodes

This one plays on the most simplest of wrestling booking, the beloved babyface against the hated heel and there aren’t too many better examples of this right now than Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul. 

Paul maybe coming back into WWE as a babyface to finish his feud with The Miz, but WWE could switch the dynamic in an instant for a feud with Cody Rhodes to work. Paul has no shortage of detractors already and he can easily play up to that and go back to the smarmy arrogant version of himself that we’ve already seen in WWE. Have that play against WWE’s biggest hero right now and you have a ready-made classic wrestling rivalry raring to go. 

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