Fall Guys challenges allow players to earn rewards in Fortnite

Fall Guys

It doesn’t happen often that two competing battle royale games collaborate to create an epic challenge, but Fortnite and Fall Guys are doing just that at the moment.

In honour of Fall Guys becoming a free-to-play game on the Epic Games Store, the two games are collaborating on an event.

Epic Games has wasted little time in exploiting its most well-known IP to advertise its most recent one after purchasing Mediatonic and its platformer battle royale Fall Guys. Players can win Fortnite rewards by completing challenges in Fall Guys.

Participants in Fall Guys can earn rewards for Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys by completing various challenges. These skill and balancing challenges are a part of Fall Guys’ ongoing Crown Clash event and can be found in the “Challenges” section of the home page. Fall Guys records progress such that when contestants win one prize, they win them all even if it doesn’t display the Fortnite incentives that players can receive.

Here’s everything we know about this collaboration.

Earn a skin in Fortnite using Fall Guys challenges

Fall Guys

The Major Mancake skin, Fall Guys’ top prize, is unlocked once all Crown Clash challenges have been completed. To complete these tasks, you only need to play between 20 and 100 games to receive all of the rewards that are offered.

If all challenges are accomplished, the Major Mancake skin, Sweet Clementine pickaxe, Waffler black bling, Stacked With Love emote, and Stacked! the spray will all become available. Given how infrequently skins are given out in Fortnite, Epic is undoubtedly attempting to advertise their most recent purchase.

Previous partnerships between Fortnite and The Walking Dead, Marvel, and DC Comics are just a few examples. In-house collaborations across various Epic Games IPs are becoming more frequent as the company extends its assets, as evidenced by their most recent project with Fall Guys.

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Princess Peach in Super Mario

A simple one to begin with, we beg you know this – otherwise I’d just stop here.

Players in Rocket League, another Epic-owned game, will receive rewards for completing Crown Clash challenges as well. A player banner, topper, wheels, dynamic decal, and rocket boost are some of the incentives.

Players will have about 10 days to play 100 games of Fall Guys before the event ends on Monday, 11th July 2022.

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