Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to defeat Seregios and weaknesses

Monster Hunter Sunbreak

The Seregios is one of the more terrifying new creatures in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

When facing the sharp-scaled beast, defeating one will require a lot of quickness and time, but knowing its weaknesses will help you avoid the cart.

Seregios last made an appearance in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and that motif appears to be present in many of the Sunbreak additions.

You must exercise caution in this battle because there will be many spikes and airborne strikes. To learn more about the monster’s moves and the best weapons to use, read through this Seregios guide.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to defeat Seregios

The first stage is to understand the moves the giant monster will use to kill you and your group of Hunters before attempting to apply any specific weaknesses on the Seregios.

The Nargacuga and the Rathian would make the best comparisons to other monsters when describing this fight. The spikes are comparable to those used by the Nargacuga, and the aerial attacks are evocative of the flying wyvern.

The hardest part of the battle will be dealing with flying attacks because of how frequent and swift they are. Seregios uses its wings more frequently for dash attacks even if it doesn’t stay in the air as long as other winged wyverns do.

Seregios Monster Hunter
Image from IGN

Sky dash attacks are frequent and are typically carried out in pairs. To confuse you, the beast may occasionally dash to the left and then immediately to the right.

The Seregios uses spikes when it isn’t using flight. There is a lot to avoid in this battle because spikes can be thrown from its head to its tail. In close quarters, the monster will also begin sweeping its attack with its tail. Keeping an eye out for the spikes and the tail will undoubtedly save you. A bleed effect is also brought on by being struck by spikes too frequently, just like the Nargacuga.

Spikes will cover its entire body as lethal armour once it grows agitated. In addition to needing to be on the lookout for more ranged attacks, sharp weapons will deflect more frequently even with a higher sharpness. When facing spiky armour and limited attack windows, blunt weapons are your friend.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Seregios weaknesses

If you aren’t using a neutral damage build, you have two alternatives when choosing an element for your weapon that can deal some severe damage.

Seregios will be torn apart by both Ice and Thunder elements, with Ice rating a two and Thunder a three. Avoid the elements of Fire, Dragon, and Water. The rest will remain impartial.

The monster’s head, legs, and neck are the areas you want to concentrate on attacking during the actual battle. Just behind them, harm to the tail also enters. But regardless of the component, blunt damage will function optimally, as was the case with the scaled armoured.

Monster Hunter Sunbreak
Image from Gaming Bolt

There you have it, we wish you all the best in your hunt for the Seregios, this should help you get ready to play Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and face the lords.

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