PlayStation: YouTuber builds incredible PS5 slim


A YouTuber has amazingly managed to build a PlayStation 5 slim console, even managing to improve the console’s cooling system.

There is usually a slim version that follows a console release; the PS2, PS3, and PS4 have all had slim consoles released a few months after the main console was released.

A YouTuber by the name of DIY Perks has taken apart a PS5 console and replaced absolutely everything that needed to be replaced, and then started substituting components.

His device is now just 1.9 centimetres thick.

DIY Perks also realised that he would not be able to use the PS5 power supply and cooling system, as it would ruin the idea of a slim version.

Instead, he has built his own water-cooling system that goes behind the television, and is actually a more efficient system than the one Sony has built.

Perks tested the PS5 with Horizon Forbidden West, and compared the temperature when running the game on the standard console, as opposed to his creation. Per his test, his creation was actually much more efficient when it came to keeping the console cool.

Perks did run into a fair few issues when it came to building his system, which is to be expected, and we should say here that trying to replicate what he has done will absolutely invalidate the warranty!

It also appears to be a very expensive modification project, as the whole cost is actually more expensive than buying a PS5 from a scalper.

Nevertheless, it looks absolutely awesome, and we’re amazed by the work that’s gone into this.

It remains to be seen if Sony will be releasing a PS5 slim, but they could well do in the coming years.

We’ll let you know if that’s ever announced!

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