Football quiz: Can you name these 20 top-class players by their tattoos?

A Premier League tattoo.

How well do you think you know your favourite footballers?

No doubt if you shared a room with them, you’d be able to spot them in a split-second, but would you be able to recognise them based upon, say, their haircut, fashion sense or even the way they walk?

Ok, perhaps that’s a little ambitious because clothes and trims can easily change, but one distinguishing feature that is about as permanent as they come – pretty much, anyway – is a tattoo.

Tattoos in football

You can put your football idol in a fake moustache and grandad clothes with a limp all day long, but if the Buzz Lightyear tattoo on their forehead is still there for the world to see, then they’re snookered.

Ok, joking aside, tattoos are one of the many ways in which footballers and everyday people can express themselves either through adorning something that’s important to them or simply by sporting an illustration they like the look of.

And in the case of professional players, many of these are often on display for millions of onlookers whilst they swap shirts at full-time or generally have their legs and arms on show due to the kit they wear.

“DE JONG DEAL OFF? Fabrizio Romano Update” (Football Terrace)

Quiz on footballers’ tattoos

All in all, it makes for a scenario where fans become remarkably familiar with the body art of their heroes to the point that it takes on one of the most instantly-recognisable features of them.

Or, at least, that’s the theory because here at GIVEMESPORT, we wanted to find just how well fans actually know the tattoos of famous footballers by compiling a quiz where you have to match the ink to the individual.

You will get to see 20 tattoos of top-level players ranging from Ballon d’Or winners to national team captions, and you will have a choice of four options to try and identify who has that artwork on their body.

A footballer's tattoo.
Soccer Football – Champions League – Liverpool vs NK Maribor – Anfield, Liverpool, Britain – November 1, 2017 General view of NK Maribor’s Matko Obradovic tattoo during the warm up before the match Action Images via Reuters/Carl Recine

The mark scheme

It’s as simple as that, but before we put your knowledge to the test, you need to take a look at the mark scheme first to see what you’re up against. Be sure to check out our criteria down below:

0-5 marks: No, laser removal isn’t available for your score

5-10 marks: Like a dodgy tattoo you got while drunk on holiday

10-15 marks: Solid, solid, but maybe keep it to yourself

15-19 marks: An ink-redible performance

20 marks: Get a tattoo of your score on your arm

QUIZ: Name these 20 players by their tattoos

Got it? Right then, well, get racking your brains and close down Google as you try and identify 20 top-class footballers by their tattoos with a few little clues sprinkled in along the way. Good luck…

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Who does this tattoo belong to?

Let’s start easy: who’s this?

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