Zhou Guanyu crash: Pierre Gasly’s onboard footage shows terrifying scenes

Pierre Gasly On Board Footage Of Zhou Guanyu Crash

Zhou Guanyu crashed out of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in horrifying fashion, travelling upside down and flying over the tyre barriers into the fence, with Pierre Gasly’s onboard footage of the crash being scary viewing.

Alex Albon and George Russell also crashed out of the race in the same incident, with Gasly’s onboard capturing it all.

Russell was able to jump out of his car and run over to the Chinese rookie who was upside down to check on him.

Zhou was suspended upside down in his car for a while as they tried to free him from the car. He was eventually released from the car and was stretchered to the medical centre for further checks.

After getting looked at, Zhou was released from the medical centre safely. Alfa Romeo confirmed he was conscious throughout the ordeal, it sounds like he was incredibly lucky to come away relatively unscathed.

Thankfully, the Halo did its job to protect the drivers, without it, Zhou would’ve been in a much worse position and the crash could potentially have been fatal.

Albon was airlifted to hospital after the crash for further checks.

We could see the crash from Gasly’s point of view courtesy of his onboard footage which has been doing the rounds on social media.

You can see Gasly behind Russell and Zhou, with the Brit on the right-hand side and Zhou on the other.

The Frenchman tapped the back end of Russell’s car which sent the Silver Arrow into Zhou, flipping the Alfa Romeo upside down.

Although the scenes were horrifying for all involved, the main thing is it appears everything was as good as can be after a huge crash, with no major injuries to the drivers, spectators or trackside marshals.

It was a dramatic start to the British Grand Prix, leading to a lengthy red flag whilst repairs were made to the barriers and Zhou was rescued from his vehicle.

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