Elden Ring: Best weapons to find early in Limgrave

Elden Ring

When your tarnished journey through Elden Ring begins, you will initially awaken in Limgrave. Here is a list of the best weapons you can get in Limgrave straight away if you’re having trouble at first.

Elden Ring presents you with the difficult choice of selecting the kind of weapon you wish to use at the start of your journey. 

Perhaps you want to use a large, slow weapon to deal a lot of damage, or you want to be quick and aggressive with a smaller weapon to keep your mobility high. You may even want to switch between styles on the spot because there are so many alternatives.

The sheer number of places to visit may overwhelm you as you first enter Limgrave, leaving you wondering where you should go to get some reliable weaponry to use in the early stages of your journey. 

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with the top five weapons you can find in Limgrave early on.

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Five best weapons to find early in Limgrave

Here are GiveMeSport’s five best weapons in Limgrave you can get. They are listed here in no particular order.


Elden Ring Flail

The Flail is a wonderful choice for inflicting pain on your enemies because it has a spiked ball on a chain that appears to hurt quite badly. In the line-up of FromSoftware games, it is also a completely new type of weapon.

To use the Flail, you need 12 Strength and 12 Dexterity. The flail’s striking part is spun rapidly by the weapon skill Spinning Chain, which can then be combined with normal and heavy attacks to deal some pretty significant damage.

The Flail is located in a chest in a large camp nearby called the Gateside Ruins, thus you can get it pretty much right away after leaving the tutorial region and entering Limgrave proper.

If the trumpet-wielding man in the middle sees you, he will broadcast your presence, and the entire camp will come to punish you. You can proceed carefully and try to silently eliminate each of the troops one at a time. If that occurs, you can try to AOE them down in groups with magic or powerful vertical strikes, or you can flee and reset the area.


Elden Ring Greataxe

The Greataxe is a legendary FromSoftware weapon with slow swings that deals extremely heavy damage. To use it, you need a staggering 30 Strength but only 8 Dexterity.

The Greataxe’s default weapon skill is Barbaric Roar. It is an extremely useful technique if you can use it just before fighting an enemy because it increases your attack power and gives your heavy attacks huge combinations.

East of Agheel Lake, which is also east of where you first enter Limgrave, is where you will find the Greataxe inside a travelling carriage. It would take some time to gather the carriage, but the two enormous trolls slowly dragging it down the road are hard to overlook. Just move along the walkway in both ways until you spot them if you don’t initially.

Before the carriage comes to a complete halt, you must kill at least one of the two trolls. Other little enemies accompany it as well, but they are all easily defeated, therefore it would be worthwhile to eliminate them all to reduce the chaos. Wrap around to the back of the carriage once it has stopped and the area is secure to discover a chest that may be opened to receive the Greataxe.


Elden Ring Longsword

The Longsword is one of the weapons that is used the most in all games developed by FromSoftware, and with good reason. This common straight sword has a solid move set that is helpful in almost any situation, although it does require 10 Strength and 10 Dexterity to wield.

Square Off is the weapon skill for the Longsword, and it can be used to charge a strong upward slash with R1 or a quick thrust with R2. It is straightforward but incredibly powerful in close-quarters combat.

You should rapidly gather enough runes to buy everything Kalé has because he sells a longsword at a fair price and has a ton of other essential stuff for the beginning of your quest, such as a crafting kit and a torch for dark areas.


Elden Ring Reduvia

Dagger users have a strong choice in Reduvia, especially early on. It helps that the weapon is visually appealing and will make sure you seem cool when killing enemies.

To use Reduvia, you need 13 Dexterity and 5 Dexterity. With its Blood Blade weapon skill, it can launch blood projectiles at a distance that leave enemies bleeding. Remember that it is exclusive to Reduvia and cannot be changed, transferred, replaced, or found elsewhere.

Bloody Finger Nerijus isn’t too difficult to defeat. Simply avoid or deflect his flurry of blows before responding with a few blows of your own. When Blood Finger Nerijus is finally defeated, an NPC ally by the name of Yura will eventually join you. Yura will be of great assistance to you. However, keep in mind that Yura can take a little while to reach you. As a result, you can always go a little south on the riverbed to meet him halfway and finish the fight a little quicker. In any case, killing the phantom gets you the blood-stained dagger you’ve been searching for.


Elden Ring Twinblade

The Twinblade takes 10 Strength and 18 Dexterity to use, and it has blades attached to each side of the hilt. It may be used effectively with either one or two hands, and it offers quick succession attacks with lots of spinning animations for a striking visual flourish. It’s best for a dex build because it only requires 10 Strength, but the evenly balanced Quality build can also use it.

The Twinblade’s default weapon skill is Spinning Slash, a quick-spinning attack that consumes a considerable amount of FP but significantly damages foes caught in the combo. You should stay away from the nearby cellar that needs a double jump with Torrent since it will teleport you to a location that you aren’t yet prepared for.

And that concludes our list of the five best weapons to find early in Limgrave. We hope this guide helps you as you journey through Elden Ring.

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