F1 22: Top 10 game tips and tricks

F1 22‘s Champions Edition non-digital pre-order early access began on 1st July 2022. Supercars and F1 Life are just two of the numerous new features this year that is centred on the environment of the sport, but racing is still the title’s top goal.

The F1 22 Champions Edition is available for £79.99 RRP, and in addition to early access, it also includes two driveable Safety Cars, 18,000 PitCoin, and a few cosmetic items.

When you’re ready to start racing, you’ll have a lot of alternatives to select from as F1 22 will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4 and PS5.

No matter what gaming system or computer you’re using, the Standard Edition’s cover features Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, and George Russell.

Here are our top 10 tips and tricks to help you get to the top of the podium, especially if you’re new to F1 22.

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F1 22: Game tips and tricks

Some of these top 10 tips and tricks might seem basic, while others are little specifics that will assist you as you approach the game.

Warming up your tires

When compared to the previous F1 2021 season, tire physics has made the largest changes to how the vehicles handle.

For the 2022 season, there will be new real-world tire regulations that raise the rim diameter from 13 inches to 18 inches and lower the blanket temperature for all tires from 100°C for the fronts and 90°C for the rears. The less on-track grip is caused by lower temperatures and small tire profiles, which the drivers have had trouble adjusting to all season.

F1 22
Image from Traxion

The importance of in-game tire warming has increased. When leaving the pits on fresh tires, extreme caution is needed since following the racing line will cause the car to unexpectedly collide with 1,000 particles of gravel.

Pressing B or Circle will display the temperature chart, which is located on the fourth page of the car information HUD. Keeping the tires between 80 and 100°C will be the ideal temperature for grip. Anything outside of this will result in loss of control.

Formation lap tire temperature

The new immersive formation lap mode makes the start procedure considerably simpler. Use this time to raise the temperature in the tires so that when you get to the starting box, the carcass will be at the ideal temperature.

Simply weave on the straights and push the throttle through bends to warm up the fronts. Be sure to use all of the available tracks. On the pit straight, where you may now imitate a burnout to have a better launch, forceful acceleration coming out of corners or from a lower gear is crucial for the rears.

Immersive mode perfection

Speaking of beginnings, enhancements have now been made to the immersion of formation laps and pit stops for F1 22. You may now pick the turn-in position while entering the pits and drive the car into the pit box, both of which, if perfected, will give you an advantage over your rivals.

Lining up on the grid

To help you with your parking during the formation laps, a graphic is now placed in front of your pit box. Purple denotes the ideal launch location, while green indicates a good position and red indicates you’ve stepped outside of the box or too far away.

Pitstop timing

Pressing the button on 0.2 is supposedly a late turn-in and results in a lengthier pit stop, according to claims made about the new feature for immersive pit stops.

It appears that turning in between 0.3 and 0.5 seconds is ideal, with anything sooner being OK. Future updates could modify this, so use flashbacks in a solo race to establish a reference point that seems right to you.

F1 22- Lewis Hamilton
Image from Traxion

Your pitstop time will also rely on how much you invest in the corresponding facilities outside of Grand Prix and online events, as well as in the My Team mode.

Keep your eye on DRS

In Formula 1, DRS is still a crucial component that, in most situations, controls your chances of overtaking. Make sure you stay as close to the competition as is required before passing them since you’ll need to maintain a one-second distance from them to engage the adjustable rear wing.

Don’t hesitate too much though because it’s still difficult to do so for more than a few laps, especially at the highest levels of AI, despite the new restrictions. The contrary is still true, of course: you’ll want to close the second gap between you and your pursuers so they don’t have an easy time on the straights.

Use free practice a lot!

Free practice in a video game and a real sport are very different things. In F1, free practices are used by teams to test setups and become familiar with the courses, but in a game, Sunday would be the day when everything would happen.

The mode you’ll probably use the most in this game is free to practice, maybe as a result of Codemasters’ rally history. It’s pure enjoyment, which may catch you off guard at first, but it’s a terrific chance to become familiar with the tracks thoroughly before participating in a race and for practice programs, which are special on-track tasks you undertake during your career to gain growth points.

Handling of supercars

One brief point for those who do appreciate supercars: they behave very differently from Formula 1 vehicles, which is why the drivers are constantly griping about how slow the safety car is.

Give them far more respect while they are turning because they need to be going much slower than their open-wheeler pal. In an F1 vehicle, Suzuka’s 130R turn is simple to execute flat out, but attempt it in a supercar and you’ll find yourself tangled up in the Armco barriers. If you’re modifying later, braking 50 to 100 metres before the typical brake spot should be a useful indication for them.

Choose the right difficulty

Experienced drivers may make the mistake of setting a high or extremely high difficulty level. You could be. The issue is that F1 22’s AI occasionally cheats at the highest levels, or at least that’s what our ego likes to believe. But honestly, if you progressively increase the difficulty level according to how well you perform on the track, you may avoid all the frustration associated with a P20 qualifier.

When you are ready to take to the track, remember to act professionally, avoid leaning into other drivers, and don’t take shortcuts. It doesn’t matter that you’re using the AI since that’s where you’ll develop your strategy for the race that you’ll recreate with actual people in multiplayer, which is where it counts. Additionally, what makes driving enjoyable is determining the best location to overtake safely.

Avoid the curbs

Although the curbs are far less slick than in the past, they are nevertheless a danger. You should keep away from some of them as they are still the same as they were in F1 2021.

F1 22 Racing
Image from For the win

In general, others will speed up the deterioration of your tires, and if they are extremely high, they may even damage the undercarriage of your vehicle. Therefore, it’s best if you can avoid leaning on them.

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