Vince McMahon: Moment Vince’s famous jump almost went badly wrong

  • Ash Rose

It’s been the WWE meme of 2022, but Vince McMahon’s now infamous jump on the Raw footsteps almost went severely wrong for Mr. McMahon. 

Vince McMahon made a surprising appearance on the 17th June Monday Night Raw show, where the former WWE Chairman hyped the upcoming return of John Cena for his anniversary show on 27 June, and emphasised his jovial mood despite the ongoing allegations aimed at him from outside of WWE. 

To hammer home his happy, carefree mood, as McMahon left the ring, his swagger led to a hop, skip and a jump down the ring steps. It’s a move that quickly became perfect meme material and the image quickly went viral.

Fans posted images of Vince’s little jig into a number of amusing situations, including as a character in Star Wars as part of an N’SYNC music video and even in famous WWE moments, like pushing son Shane off the Hell in a Cell structure. 

However, it’s a moment that almost didn’t happen and where things could have gone very wrong for Vince, thanks to new footage of the moment that has emerged on Twitter. 

In the clip, it shows Vince leaving the ring, only for the 76-year-old to get his foot caught on the middle rope and almost take a nasty tumble onto the outside. Thankfully, McMahon was able to steady himself, perform the now infamous jump and then shake hands with a fan at ringside. 

It wouldn’t be the first time Vince has severely injured himself for the good of the story. Back in 2005, McMahon memorable marched to the ring at the conclusion of the 2005 Royal Rumble and in his annoyance at how the match had ended, tore BOTH his quads. 

The injury was so bad, McMahon was unable to get to his feet and was left sitting in the ring, barking orders for the match to be restarted, in an image that fans still laugh about today. 

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