PS5: New Sony patent hints at retro accessories


A new Sony patent has suggested that the company may try to make old hardware compatible with the PS5 console, as per Video Game Chronicle.

The report picks up from an article from Game Rant that has seen the patent, which appears to show that old Sony hardware could well be used via emulation on the PS5.

That includes retro media remotes, DualShock controllers and a handheld console, which is likely to be the PSP Go.

The images also show a PlayStation Mouse, an EyeToy, a PlayStation Move wand and even an old memory card; they have long since gone out of fashion.

The PlayStation Move wand is actually still in circulation, as players can use it with the first PlayStation VR system.

The majority of the peripherals appear to come from the PS3 era, and that could hint towards further efforts to emulate the console.

The PS3 library on the revamped PS Plus is only available for streaming, so this may be a hint towards full emulation.


PS3 games are notoriously difficult to emulate when compared with PS1 and PS2 titles, because of the unique technology that has been used to create them.

VGC points out that this patent may simply be as part of a functionality test, rather than a bid to make retro add-ons useful again.

But it is interesting and there is a suggestion that these old pieces of hardware may well go on sale once again; the majority of these items are not currently available to buy unless you’re shopping on eBay or at a boot fair.

It could be a way for Sony to make some extra cash if they are to bring them back, and it would be interesting to see how something like an EyeToy would work with the PS5.

We’ll let you know as and when we hear any more.

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