David Haye boxed Deontay Wilder's head off during infamous sparring session in 2013

  • Tom Ward

David Haye can be seen boxing Deontay Wilder‘s head off in a resurfaced video online.

The two former world champions shared the ring once before in the past, at the Hayemaker Gym in 2013.

At the time, Haye had already achieved pretty much everything that he had set out to do in his career.

It’s worth pointing out however that Wilder, meanwhile, was a promising unbeaten heavyweight prospect looking for some sparring.

But boy did it show as it seems like Haye was only too happy to oblige.

Understandably, Wilder was made to look second best, given the obvious difference in terms of experience.

In fact, he barely got as much as a sniff.

At one point, he almost fell over after one particularly wild swing went whistling harmlessly through the air.

WATCH: David Haye appears to dominate Deontay Wilder in this clip

Check out the video below…

The video, which was shared to Twitter, features a caption that reads: “Watched this a few times… Was David Haye underrated or was Deontay Wilder just young and outmatched?”

Haye, meanwhile, has been rather complimentary of his former sparring partner in the years that followed.

Speaking on BT Sport, he said: “I truly believe he’s the hardest punching heavyweight ever.

“I got hit by Wilder in sparring – and I’ve been hit by Wladimir Klitschko on the chin with 10oz gloves – but there was more effect from Wilder hitting me on the top of the head with 18oz gloves on and with me wearing a headguard.

“It wasn’t even clean, it was glancing, but I felt that more. I remember after sparring him the first time I thought he was going to do something. He was wild, he was all over the place but the power…

“No-one mentions his punch resistance but he can take a shot. I was giving him some digs; I’ve buzzed him a bit and he’s been back wanting more.

“Not only is it a good chin but his recovery is great, most people you hit them with one shot their legs go and they’re not the same. It takes a few rounds but he’s straight back on it.

“I remember thinking he can punch and he can take a shot so once he gets his technique up to scratch which it is now I knew this kid was going to be something very, very special.”

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