Sonic Frontiers leak reveals Big the Cat and his fishing minigame

Sonic Frontiers

Big the Cat will return in Sonic Frontiers, and he will bring his recognizable fishing gameplay with him, according to a recent leak.

Sonic the Hedgehog has no shortage of travelling friends, and thanks to some fresh information, we now know that Sonic Frontiers will have at least one additional supporting character. 

That character is Big the Cat, the friendly fisher who first appeared in Sonic Adventure and then frequently reappeared in subsequently released video games and other media. 

According to leaks, Big will let players use fishing to unlock various features in the forthcoming Sonic game, doing what he does best with Sonic.

Keep reading to find out more about the featured Big the Cat and his fishing minigame.

Big the Cat and his fishing minigame

Big the Cat

An iconic Sonic Adventure feature will be present in the upcoming Sonic Frontiers, but it won’t be the Chao Garden. After Sonic Adventure in 1998, the fishing minigame is making its first appearance in almost 20 years. The information was discovered by a Twitter user.

Leak 1

According to the narrative, Big the Cat was discovered using one of the game’s Cyber Space portals, which send Sonic to a more compact linear stage distinct from the expansive open zones. Fans may recall that Big the Cat was the protagonist of one of Sonic Adventure’s campaigns, which featured the big, purple cat going fishing.

Leak 2

The player receives tokens for fishing in Frontiers, which they can use to “purchase a variety of stuff, such as Portal Gear fragments, voice journals, Vault Keys, or even the sequence items, such as Amy’s heart treasures.” It should be mentioned that if players want to fish more, they will need to pay Big for some purple coins that they can find throughout the planet.

Sonic Frontiers won’t have a specific release date but is expected to arrive in 2022 on all platforms. The preview ends with the following statement: “I left the demo wanting to play more and see what the world and story have on offer. The concept and ambition are there — time will tell if the mechanics receive enough polish to make this a must-play in the franchise.”

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With the reintroduction of well-known characters like Big the Cat and Dr Eggman, Sonic Frontiers is probably going to offer lots of thrilling experiences to fans of both old and new Sonic games. 

When Sonic Frontiers comes later this year, fans who have missed seeing Big the Cat will have something to look forward to, albeit the exact specifics of the game’s fishing mechanics aren’t yet totally known.

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