Gotham Knights: Who are the villains?

Gotham Knights: Who are the Villains

The up-and-coming Gotham Knights are set to feature several amazing young heroes, but fans will also be wondering who will play the villains.

Fans have been anticipating Gotham Knights for years because they include many Batfamily characters they have dreamt of playing as a kid.

The upcoming game is aimed at showcasing the differences between the two characters and their ability to work together in a cooperative way

After Batman’s death, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl take over the protection of Gotham City, leaving his sidekick Robin without an example to emulate.

However, what is Gotham City without villains as these heroes are likely to come up against those who are out to ruin society.

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Who are the Villains in Gotham Knights?

It is already evident from the trailer that Gotham Knights will heavily involve the Bat-Family beyond Batman, entrusting them with the responsibility of keeping Gotham safe. The trailer confirms, however, some important antagonists the Bat-Family will face in Gotham Knights.

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Here are the villains who will appear in the new game.

Mr. Freeze

Gotham Knights: Mr. Freeze

This villainous alter ego of cryogenic scientist Victor Fries is well known to most Batman fans, as he has been battling the Caped Crusader since 1959.

Batman fans will be familiar with Mr. Freeze, as this villainous alter ego of cryogenic scientist Victor Fries has been battling the Caped

However, his overall role in the game is unclear as of right now. His short appearance in the trailer did not confirm whether he is related to the game’s antagonists.


Gotham Knights: Talons

Assassins known as Talons are the most feared weapons of the Court of Owls, which are conditioned to be completely loyal to the court, extremely adept in stealth and combat, and even nearly impossible to kill due to the Court’s grim machinations after being kidnapped as children.

Talons await in an underground chamber filled with coffins seen in the trailer.

The Court of Owls

the court of owls of Gotham knights

This is perhaps the most significant reveal in the trailer. Gotham Knights was rumored to feature the Court of Owls as the main antagonists, and the fact that they were saved for the end proves that rumor to be true. 

The Court of Owls is particularly mysterious and intimidating when it comes to Batman’s enemies.
As of now, Batman fans will have to wait to see which members of the Court will appear in Gotham Knights.

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Until then, fans will have to wait sometime before they can dive into Gotham City since the game is set to come out on 25th October 2022 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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