Liverpool's Fabinho makes friends with fan on holiday

Fabinho and Liverpool fan on holiday

Fabinho made a Liverpool fan’s holiday one to remember this summer.

Brenden Ryan, a Customs Officer from Gibraltar and Liverpool fan, was enjoying a trip to Mallorca with his girlfriend.

However, while relaxing on the beach, he spotted Fabinho also enjoying a holiday with his wife, Rebeca Tavares.

“I was lying down and when I got up for a swim, I noticed they were lying down on the sunbeds behind me,” Ryan told SPORTbible. “I went over and asked him if he didn’t mind taking a photo with me.”

But that wasn’t the end of their contact.

The following morning, Ryan spotted Fabinho outside his hotel room and decided to ask for a kick around on the beach later that day.

“I asked if he didn’t mind doing a few kick-ups with me later on in the day and he said no, not at all,” the 32-year-old says.

“He was a great guy, very humble and easy to speak to. We played football a couple of times throughout the day and spoke about his football career and just life in general.”

Ryan uploaded a clip on his Instagram of him playing football with the Brazilian, writing “An unexpected day. Thank you @fabinho.”

Fabinho, who now follows Ryan on Instagram, reposted the video on his own Instagram.

Liverpool's Fabinho playing football on the beach

Not only that but the Liverpool star and his wife then took Ryan and his partner out for dinner later that day.

Imagine that.

It’s one thing getting a selfie and even having a little kick around with a professional footballer. But imagine sitting down for a couple of hours at a dinner table and having a casual chat about life over some wine and food.

Class from Fabinho to take the time out of his holiday to socialise with a Liverpool fan who clearly made an impression on the midfielder.

Ryan certainly won’t be forgetting that holiday in a hurry…

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