Marvel's Avengers: Developer teases the next hero

Marvel's Avengers Update

The Developer of Marvel’s Avengers has teased a playable character that will be added to the live-service game.

Recently, Marvel added The Mighty Thor to its roster as Jane Foster, aka The Mighty Thor. The gaming community mostly accepted Foster’s addition.

However, some gamers still wished more characters were different from other playable Avengers.

Although the game was released in 2020, it has received mixed critical and commercial reviews, but the team has continued to work on it, adding updates and new features.

With that said, scroll down for more information on who is likely to join the illustrious list of crime-fighting heroes.

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Developer teases with a new ‘character’ for Marvel Avengers

Marvel's Avengers Update 2.5

We know that Marvel’s Avengers is all about putting your favourite Super Heroes in control of their abilities.

Fly through the air as Iron Man, disappear in an instant as Black Widow, and of cause smashing up things with the Hulk. Each Avenger comes to life with an expansive, one-of-a-kind kit inspired by Marvel lore that embodies their heritage both in and out of battle.

With that being said, the next character to join Marvel’s Avengers will be completely “new,” according to Crystal Dynamics’ lead designer Brian Waggoner.

While Marvel’s Avengers technically adds new characters every week, some fans have grown tired of some characters’ playstyles being the same.

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The similarities between Jane Foster, Thor, and Hawkeye have caused fans to hope the next member of Marvel’s Avengers will be unique and not similar to Captain America or Iron Man.

Now, In a tweet, Waggoner has confirmed this.

While he didn’t elaborate on who this upcoming hero might be, he did say in another tweet Waggoner explained that he’s looking forward to what’s to come as he said: “I’m very excited about the future, and I hope you are as well. There are many heroes to add to our world. There are numerous stories to tell.”

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Based on what was mentioned above, this is surely an intriguing development considering rumours were suggesting She-Hulk would be added to the roster before the release of the upcoming TV show in August.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see who next joins the team, so Marvel fanatics should keep an eye out as we will bring the latest updates.

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