Josh Taylor vs Jack Catterall 2: Shane McGuigan urges his former pupil to accept a rematch

  • Tom Ward

Josh Taylor has been urged by his former trainer to accept a rematch with Jack Catterall.

Scotland’s former undisputed super-lightweight world champion got the surprise rub of the green against his English rival at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow on February 26.

Naturally, many boxing fans were left incensed by the decision, as they felt that it should have gone the other way.

And according to Shane McGuigan – who used to train Taylor before their acrimonious split – he should rematch with Catterall before he considers moving up to welterweight.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: “It’s a good thing for the sport.

“It’s a good thing for Josh Taylor. I think it was quite clear, not just to us boxing people but just even the casual fans, Josh didn’t win that fight. It was reasonably close.

“A prime Josh Taylor beats Jack Catterall, in my opinion. If he can correct his mistakes that he was making in the first fight. A guy that’s firing like he should do beats Jack Catterall.

Shane McGuigan has urged Josh Taylor to accept a rematch with Jack Catterall

“So if he can get back, get training, get his head stuck into the training camp and win it, I think that’ll be good for his resume.”

It comes after Taylor revealed that he will remain at 140lbs and is willing to rematch Catterall to ‘shut up’ his critics.

The Scotsman recently decided to relinquish his WBC super-lightweight belt to pave the way for a rematch with the Englishman.

He previously said: “He’s coming across a little bit desperate.

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“I can understand where he comes from, he felt like he won the fight, I’d be disappointed as well.

“But I wouldn’t be moaning and groaning the way he’s going on and on, it’s just ridiculous.

“I can understand how he’s feeling, he felt like he won the fight, I felt like I did just enough to win the fight so it was a close fight, it could have gone either way, the judges gave it to me.

“The way he’s acted since and the way he’s coming across on social media makes me want to shut him up. It’s one of the main reasons I stayed at 140 so I could get that fight.”

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