Lewis Hamilton explaining his steering wheel in 2016 shows incredible skill of F1 drivers

Lewis Hamilton steering wheel

An insightful video clip has appeared on YouTube displaying the complexities of being a modern Formula 1 driver, as described by Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton himself.

The video clip, taken from a 2016 episode of ‘In Depth with Graham Bensinger’, involves the then reigning F1 Champion explaining to the interviewer how to operate the buttons and controls on the Formula 1 steering wheels.

Bensinger asks how often the massive number of buttons on the wheel are pressed by the driver during a race, to which Hamilton reveals that every lap a driver is near enough constantly moving their hands to change the controls on the steering wheel.

Hamilton goes on to try and explain the extremely complex buttons and their features, however the sheer complexity of the steering wheel interface clearly makes the button control difficult to explain to someone not fully in the know.

The Brit initially struggles to explain the brake migration button to Bensinger, claiming: “You’re never gonna understand that”.

Hamilton then continues to attempt to explain more controls of the wheel, while Bensinger looks astounded by the depth of Hamilton’s lengthy description of how complex it is to be a modern F1 driver.

Hamilton reveals the many responsibilities that drivers have in reacting to the technical failures of the modern cars during a race.

The seven-time World Drivers’ Champion explains how if a sensor is failing, such as an engine or exhaust sensor, then the team will ask the driver to turn off the sensor while racing to avoid a potential engine blow, for example.

The video, filmed during the infamous Championship battle of 2016 between Hamilton and his fellow Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg, ends with Hamilton explaining the role of the driver in managing the car to optimise its performance and beat opponents to the finishing line:

“I’ve got to watch my fuel meter, fuel gauge, and judge when I use the power, when I don’t use the power, when I save, when I don’t save and all those things.”

However, despite the racing knowledge and wisdom of the 37-year-old racing legend, as displayed in this video, Hamilton has not been able to convert his ability into any victories this current F1 season.

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The Brit currently sits at sixth place in the 2022 standings, with the Red Bull and Ferrari drivers occupying the top four spots, while Hamilton and his Mercedes teammate George Russell stand in fifth and sixth.

Despite this season’s struggle to keep up the pace with the forerunners, the seven-time champion has recently stated that he does not intend to retire soon, giving fans hope that he will one day win that record-breaking eighth World Drivers’ Championship title.

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