Hogwarts Legacy: Players could have romance and wand customization

Hogwarts Legacy

Fans of Harry Potter now know that a wand choose its witch or wizard, although players have never had that option in earlier games.

With Hogwarts Legacy focusing on a fresh face and a fresh story, many are left to wonder if they’ll be able to visit Ollivanders on their own. Well, one Redditor claims that Avalanche Software has discussed precisely that.

Redditor LittleOTT divulges a few early secrets from someone who worked on the game’s initial development at Warner Bros. in a post that has subsequently been confirmed by the mod team in the Harry Potter Game subreddit.

The team has reportedly thought about romances, LGBTQIA+ options, which have long been rumored, especially since Avalanche is rumored to be working on trans characters, wand customization, an interesting way to sort the Hogwarts Legacy houses, and a backstory for a Squib (a non-magical person born into a magical wizarding family).

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Hogwarts Legacy: Players could be able to customize wands

LittleOTT points out that this individual participated in the early planning phases five years ago, and that circumstances may have altered since then, particularly since they are no longer a member of that team. However, this tiny development tidbit has raised some eyebrows in the community.

Also, Harry Potter fans know that no two wands are identical as each one has a unique character based on the tree and creature from which it was made. If wand customization is included in the final version of the game, players will have a lot to consider given that there are already 16 cores and 53 distinct varieties of wood known in wandlore.

Players may have the choice to alter their look even if they are unable to choose the contents of their wands. The wands that each witch and wizard carried in the Harry Potter movies progressively got more elaborate, and there is optimism in the neighbourhood that they will be granted freedom.

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