Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Best Long Sword Combos

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

If you choose the Long Sword as your primary weapon in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you may be interested in learning more about the ideal playstyle and combinations to use.

Long swords allow you to stay nimble while dealing significant damage, and we have the greatest combinations for you.

We’ll cover three of the most effective Long Sword combinations you can employ to defeat opponents in the game. Using the Long Swords’ strength and quickness to their fullest potential in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. There are several long swords available from Sunbreak that may be used against any enemy. There are several long swords available from Sunbreak that may be used against any enemy.

These swords may be used in combos, which increases their potency. If you play with a sword and want to use it to its utmost potential to deliver the most damage possible, you’ll want to be aware of some of the finest long sword combos in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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Best long sword combos in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Some combinations are no longer viable options for regularly doing massive amounts of damage because recent game updates drastically nerfed attacks like the Iai Spirit Slash.

For this reason, three of the greatest combinations that might serve as excellent alternatives to your playstyle or simply some entertaining techniques have been selected for you to use on your upcoming hunt.

Sakura Slash Helmbreaker combo

This combination, known as the Sakura Slash Helmbreaker combo, starts with a Sakura Slash and then switches skills to end with a Helmbreaker. By swiftly switching to the Helmbreaker with the switch skill change, you can increase your damage output by skipping the last animation of the Sakura slash.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

If you can pull off this combo, which takes two Wirebugs and at least a yellow Spirit Gague level, you can do a tonne of damage very rapidly. Even though the Helmbreaker has recently been nerfed, it still makes sense to use it in combination with the Sakura Slash for quick bursts of raw strength because it doesn’t deplete sharpness.

Spirit Release Slash combo

This combination is significantly riskier because it needs a larger window of opportunity to strike a Monster, but it more than makes up for it with its astronomically high damage output. Similar to the Sakura Slash Helmbreaker Combo, except now you follow the Sakura Slash with a Sacred Sheath rather than a Helmbreaker.

To perform the Sacred Sheath action (R2 or RT), you must hold down the button. When you release it quickly, the action is followed by the Sacred Sheath Counter. If you hold the button down all the way, you will enter the Charging Stance. When the button is released, the Spirit Release Slash, which consists of three potent consecutive slashes that cause significant damage, is launched.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The first slash is the least destructive while the third is the most harmful in this technique, which provides more damage per slash. Although it will drain all of your Spirit Gague levels, this strike has the greatest longsword DPS (Damage per second) in the whole game.

This combo is a high-risk, high-reward move, so use it carefully and practise using it before facing any challenging Monsters. Nevertheless, it is a move worth having in your Long Sword arsenal. Just keep in mind to experiment with these combinations whatever you like to have fun.

Silk Bind Sakura Slash combo

With this combo, you may level up your Spirit Gague while doing significant damage by using the Silk Bind Sakura Slash. This is a rapid way to fill your Spirit Gague, and it makes use of any elemental Long Swords you may be wielding to do Elemental damage.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Before reaching the target monster you’re chasing, make sure you have all three Wirebugs needed for the attack and the following combination. The attack costs one Wirebug and has a cooldown of about 36 seconds, but if you have the level 3 skill Wirebug Whisperer Active, you can shorten this duration by 6 seconds.

Just keep in mind to enjoy yourself and have fun experimenting with these combos. Happy monster hunting!

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