Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to unlock all Switch skills

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

If you’ve been playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you’ve undoubtedly reached the stage when you must acquire the Switch Skills, the game’s most important new feature.

With this new feature, players may now manage to establish a loadout of Switch Skills and switch between the two at any moment. Each weapon has its unique skills. Each game in the Monster Hunter series introduces fresh gameplay, features, or gimmicks to help differentiate it from earlier titles.

The wirebug is the most noticeable of them for Monster Hunter Rise and its expansion, Sunbreak. The switch skills that are accessible for each weapon, though, are what truly assist to define battle as the series moves ahead.

Players must understand how to acquire access to all of these switch skills if they want to make the most of Rise and Sunbreak. We will show you how to unlock all Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in this article.

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How to unlock all Sunbreak Switch skills

For each weapon, Sunbreak adds new Switch Skills. Every category from 1 to 5 offers at least two possibilities when you access the switch menu.

Early on in the expansion, Sunbreak introduces its first set of new switch skills. Players will be able to proceed with the plot and move to Elgado, the new hub, after finishing the Daimyo Hermitaur task in the Shrine Ruins. They will be given a task to speak with Master Arlow once they arrive.

The player can interact with him to accept an arena quest that teaches them how to use the new skill switch ability. Additionally, Master Utsushi offers the player a new switch skill to train with for each weapon.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The second set is located considerably farther into Sunbreak’s story. The first step for players is to reach Master Rank 4. To unlock the next Urgent Quest, players must first finish two tasks.

Players must speak with Kagero the Merchant before beginning the mission, who will direct them to speak with Master Utsushi once more. The second batch of additional switch skills, two for each weapon, is available through interaction with Utsushi in the Kamura Village Gathering Hub, bringing the total number of switch skills provided by the expansion to 42.

Base Rise Switch Skills

Similar to Sunbreak, Rise’s main game offers 42 switch skills for players to explore, albeit some of them aren’t quite apparent as to how to obtain them. The first set, which serves as the game’s tutorial for switching talents, appears quite early on.

Master Utsushi will speak with the hunter and give them the first switch skill for each weapon if they attain Rank 3 in Village Quests or Rank 2 in Hub Quests.

It’s more difficult to use the second set of switch skills from the basic game. Players must create eight distinct weapon trees of the specified weapon type in place of needing to attain a particular plot point or rank. Making the same weapon eight times is not taken into account.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Some people may be confused by this because they won’t be able to use the new switch skill if they locate one or more specialized trees inside a weapon and stick with them. Additionally, unlike many of the other switch skills, this procedure must be carried out for each unique type of weapon and cannot be unlocked all at once.

Upon earning Ranks 4, 5, and 6 in the hub, the hunter can speak with Master Utsushi to obtain the third and last set of abilities from the basic game, however, he won’t just hand them to them. To get each weapon, players must complete a unique mission. Switch talents for the sword and shield, hunting horn, light bowgun, and switch axe are available starting at rank 4. The big sword, hammer, charge blade, lance, and heavy bowgun switch skills are available at rank 5. Finally, Rank 6 introduces the long sword, glance, twin blades, bug glaive, and bow.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

30th June 2022, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak was launched on the PC and Nintendo Switch. In addition to two new locations for players to explore as they hunt all the new creatures included accompanying the expansion, the expansion gives the game a Master Rank. Additionally, it introduces 42 new switch abilities to the game, giving players more options for customizing the move sets of their weapons than ever before.

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