Diablo Immortal: How to upgrade, salvage, and sell charms

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal charms provide your character with a welcome skill boost in the endgame, providing you with the decisive advantage needed to prevail in both PvP and PvE.

Uncertain about how to maximize your Diablo Immortal charms? Though they change significantly from their introduction in Diablo 2, charms haven’t been seen in Blizzard’s long-running RPG game series for quite some time.

Diablo Immortal charms, in a nutshell, are obtainable objects that boost the effectiveness of your skills. They are specially made for the advancement of late-game gear. Even though multiple charms will probably already be in your inventory by that point, you can’t even equip one until you’re level 56 or above.

Make sure to get a charm for your character that will be beneficial in terms of compatibility with class and a boost for a skill you use. Stick around and we’ll share how to get and sell charms.

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How to upgrade, salvage, and sell charms in Diablo Immortal

When you reach Hell 1 difficulty or above is when you should start investing in charms because they need a lot of time and resources to update. It’s better to focus on equipping your character with all the set items and Legendary gems you want first.

That’s if you’re a little short of the Diablo Immortal levelling cap before giving charms your full attention.

It turns out that charms cannot be sold directly, but skill stones may be, as will be detailed later. However, the Hilts Trader in Westmarch is where you may buy charms. Normally, you may purchase up to three Simple Charms for 100 Hilts every week.

Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal

It’s also important to check the Limited-Time stock since there’s a chance that a fourth gem will become available. Keep in mind that Limited Time products update every eight hours, so if you frequent the seller frequently, it’s worth a look.

Additionally, charms could be given out after bounties are finished. Despite the low likelihood of receiving a Charm, bounties are worth farming because they require little effort to complete. You only have eight bounties available every day, which translates to 56 opportunities per week to obtain a charm using this approach.

Diablo Immortal

In the end, going about your daily business is by far the best strategy for getting Diablo Immortal charms. One charm may be redeemed as your daily activity reward once you have finished your duties and accrued enough Battle Points.

Currently, levelling up the free tier of the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass also unlocks up to eight charms. At level 16, you’ll get the first four, and at level 36, you’ll get another four. Although it is obvious that this is not a sustainable method of obtaining charms, it does provide a pleasant bonus as you go up the ladder.

How to upgrade and salvage charms in Diablo Immortal

The Charm Craftsman in Westmarch may improve charms from Rank 1 to Rank 5. Alchemical Powder, which you can only get via salvaging charms, costs $20 for each rank. You can only salvage Rank 1 charms, and for each charm, you get a stack of 10 Alchemical Powder.

Don’t worry if the idea of giving up your well-earned charms makes you feel gloomy. Be careful to offer up those charms rather than the ones that are appropriate for you since you will inevitably find yourself carrying an excess that will never be beneficial to you because they are not made for your class or build.

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Any Diablo Immortal class will receive an additional +2% benefit to a random skill each time you level up a charm. A Charm with all of its upgrades will grant five randomly chosen benefits to different talents.

Sadly, this means that your chances of getting a complete set of perks appropriate for your character are little to none; you’ll probably discover that the majority of charms you improve to their highest rank only provide one or two practical boosts at most.

Skill Stone skill bonus modifiers

As soon as you start collecting charms, you’ll see that the bulk of them only ever provide a +2% skill boost modification. Ranking them higher won’t boost the percentage, but using a skill stone will also reroll the bonus modifier, possibly improving it.

When you infuse charms, you have the following chances of receiving a skill % bonus:

  • 2% Bonus: 75%
  • 4% Bonus: 19.5%
  • 6% Bonus: 4%
  • 8% Bonus: 1%
  • 10% Bonus: 0.5%

As you can see, getting the greatest Diablo Immortal charms requires a lot of time, work, and in-game money. Don’t become too concentrated on polishing them unless you’re satisfied with every other part of your construction because upgrading them is risky by design.

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