Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr: Sparring footage emerges vs Tommy Fury replacement

Jake Paul August 6 fight: Sparring footage emerges vs potential Tommy Fury replacement

Lightning may or may not strike twice, but Tommy Fury has pulled out of a fight with Jake Paul twice.

The 23-year-old British boxer claims to have been denied entry to the United States of America, forcing him to take a step back once again, having previously done so due to a broken rib and a chest infection.

Addressing the situation on his Twitter, Paul wrote: “Fury’s received a termination notice. (Promoter) MVP did everything it could to help him and team. He wasn’t interested and he literally went into hiding.

“Second time in a row he has pulled out. Second time in a row I’m going to step up and take on a new opponent on short notice. AUG 6. MSG.”

And the new opponent is going to be Hasim Rahman Jr., son of former world heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman. 

Paul confirmed the news on his official Twitter account, posting: “Bigger, stronger, more experienced, KO power. But it doesn’t matter. They don’t have my heart, don’t have my drive & definitely don’t have my team. August 6 I’m showing the world that Jake Paul is a bad motherf*****. Press conference & ticket on-sale Tuesday 1pm ET.”

The cruiserweight has already had a sparring session with Paul before, and to the shock of many, it went better for the latter than it did for his counterpart.

However, we must stress the clip that has emerged is only 10 seconds long, so we have no idea how the rest of the sparring session went.

But, in the clip further down this article, Paul does land a lovely shot to the head of Rahman Jr, to the surprise of many.

“I kind of expected the same thing that I boxed the first time – and that’s not what I got,” he said of Paul following a second sparring session with him in 2020.

“I got somebody that had a better right hand, I had somebody that was actually stepping in with the jab. The best thing about it is – I had somebody that could control his distance.

“The first time he couldn’t really do anything like that. He was really just fighting. I could just tell that he had heart. Now he’s using his distance better, he’s actually stepping into his jab, instead of just putting it there, and he’s throwing a good one-two. He’s definitely progressing and he’s getting a lot better. I think that he’ll handle Nate Robinson pretty easy.”

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Regardless of what you make of the sparring video, Paul would rather have fought Fury than Rahman Jr. 

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