Fortnite Charge SMG: How to get and full stats

Fortnite Charge SMG

Charge SMG has been added to the game’s creative mode as part of the Fortnite v21.20 update. It is a burst-style SMG that was originally introduced in the Chapter 2 Season 3 update.

It shoots when the trigger is released. It is suitable for close-quarters combat and comes in a variety of rarities, including common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic.

Map adjustments and the Indiana Jones skin are only two of the numerous upgrades made to the game with the latest version. Epic has also modified the loot pool in various ways.

You should take this one up and use it as you search the island for Indiana Jones cosmetics or explore the recently discovered site known as Shuffled Shrines. Here is where to locate it in Fortnite and everything else we know about it if you want to equip it.

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How to get Charge SMG in Fortnite and Stats

As the first Fortnite weapon with a phenomenal firing rate, the Charge SMG is highly distinctive. With this weapon fully charged, users may fire more than 16 rounds per second, making it a tremendously potent weapon.

Charge SMG can be found scattered throughout the map or in chests; its precise position is unknown. You also need to be aware that the Charge SMG’s burst will lengthen the longer you hold the trigger down.

Below are its statistics so you can decide if you want to choose it or not:

Common Rarity

  • DPS: 68.85
  • Damage: 81
  • Fire Rate: 0.85
  • Magazine Size: 4

Uncommon Rarity

  • DPS: 73.1
  • Damage: 86
  • Fire Rate: 0.85
  • Magazine Size: 4
  • Reload Time: 4.5s
  • Structure Damage: 52

Rare Rarity

  • DPS: 76.5
  • Damage: 90
  • Fire Rate: 0.85
  • Magazine Size: 4
  • Reload Time: 4.3s
  • Structure Damage: 55
Fortnite Charge SMG
Image from Gintv

Epic Rarity

  • DPS: 80.75
  • Damage: 95
  • Fire Rate: 0.85
  • Magazine Size: 4
  • Reload Time: 4.1s
  • Structure Damage: 57

Legendary Rarity

  • DPS: 84.15
  • Damage: 99
  • Fire Rate: 0.85
  • Magazine Size: 4
  • Reload Time: 3.9s
  • Structure Damage: 60

Mythic Rarity

  • DPS: 88.4
  • Damage: 104
  • Fire Rate: 0.85
  • Magazine Size: 4
  • Reload Time: 3.7s
  • Structure Damage: 62

The weapon’s quick burst of rounds makes it an excellent choice for close-quarters fighting and building conflicts. The competitive playlists do not contain the new SMG. That’s all we know about the Charge SMG.

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