Persona 5 Royal: Characters Coming To Alchemy Stars

Persona 5 Royal

A Persona 5 Royal collab was hinted at on Thursday, 16th June 2022, by the official Alchemy Stars Twitter account. It’s now been confirmed and will be taking place soon. 

There are few specifics available regarding the Persona 5 Royal Alchemy Stars crossover. It is known that this will be a short-lived event that can only be accessed in-game. 

There will be a fresh plot with JRPG characters while it plays. Additionally, players will be able to use a few characters from Persona 5 Royal in-game. 

Some of the event-related products, which were emphasized in the release, would require purchasing. It appears that some could be unlocked through play.

Here is everything we know about the confirmed Persona 5 Royal x Alchemy Stars collaboration.

Persona 5 Royal x Alchemy Stars Collab Reveal 

Alchemy Stars

Atlus is working with the creators of Alchemy Stars, Level Infinite and Tourdog Studio, to include Persona 5 Royal into the mobile game. From Thursday, 14th July to Wednesday, 3rd August 2022, the occasion will introduce Alchemy Stars to Joker, Fox, Queen, Violet, and Mona.

Through a temporary banner, players taking part in the crossover event will be able to hire the Persona 5 Royal cast. You will be able to recruit them and take part in a special crossover story in addition to recruiting them. 

In the new narrative, you will be led through Umbraton’s interior where you will finally encounter Phantom Thieves who are lost in a strange new world. In this short-lived story, players will learn where the Shadows are coming from that are plaguing Umbraton with their help.

Gacha features are incorporated into the mobile RPG Alchemy Stars. It’s not the first time Persona 5 has worked with other games. They have previously been seen in a variety of games, including Smash Bros., Phantasy Star, Sonic Forces, Dragalia Lost, and many more.

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Alchemy Stars’ ability to blend RPG, deck building/gacha, and turn-based strategic components into the game’s battle mechanics have made it a standout success. 

The game’s beautiful anime visuals and sci-fi feel have allowed it to successfully blend fantasy and science fiction. With the help of the fantastic match-3 mechanism in the game, players have always had access to a huge range of characters.

The mobile game Alchemy Stars can be played for free. It is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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