Fortnite: Ruins location and where to find the Ruins


The Fortnite 21.20 update, which contains a fresh round of Indiana Jones tasks, has finally been released by Epic Games. The gathering of the Durrrburger Relic from The Ruins is one of the objectives that players need to accomplish.

Many Fortnite players are having trouble finding The Ruins on the island since it is an unknown place. Players who complete the task will receive Expedition Bag Back Bling.

Before that, it’s important to note that to receive the benefits, you must own the most recent Battle Pass.

Keep in mind that you have until Chapter 3 of Season 3 to do this. Here is a detailed guide to locating The Ruins in Fortnite without further ado.

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Where to find the Ruins in Fortnite

The Ruins are next to The Daily Bugle, in the northeast of Fortnite Island. When you enter The Ruins, you’ll notice that a large old temple takes up much of the area. It’s a wonderful place to start a Fortnite match since it has a lot of chests and rare supplies that will give you a good start.

Fortnite Ruins Map
Image from Euro Gamer

The early stages of a match will see the storm engulf this landmark because it is situated on the edge of the island. As a result, we advise landing there immediately and immediately looting it.

Once you’ve obtained all you require, you can move on to another area. We’ve noted the precise location of The Ruins landmark on the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 map to make things much easier for you.

How to collect the Durrrburger Relic from The Ruins in Fortnite

Land outside the ruined temple and then make your way around it so that it faces the sea on its western side. In the second story, the luminous Burger Relic is laying on the ground there. To finish the task, approach it and push the interaction button.

Fortnite Ruins
Image from Euro Gamer

Remember that you may always go back to either site at a later point in the season or withdraw, wait until no more players are trying to accomplish it at the same time, and then reappear to collect the required Relic.

Keep in mind that both must be collected in a single match. You may simply go to the other side before the circle closes in as both spots are rather near to one another. However, if you locate a grappling glove, not only will it quicken the procedure, but it also aids in another Indiana Jones task that requires you to swing off trees.

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