Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Beat the Blood Orange Bishaten

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

New creatures are introduced in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. One of them is the Blood Orange Bishaten, which can be difficult to deal with at first.

This enormous creature has gigantic, razor-sharp claws that can cut through metal and is coated in a thick coat of orange fur. Due to its powerful muscles that enable it to withstand the majority of strikes, the Blood Orange Bishaten is also known for being challenging to kill.

The Bishaten’s size makes it simple to exhaust the creature if one can avoid its lethal claws, which skilled hunters can take advantage of. 

As a result, it’s important to remain alert and seize any opportunities presented by Blood Orange Bishaten. If you can sense this great beast, your efforts will be properly rewarded.

In the sections below, we’ll outline the Blood orange Bishaten’s weaknesses and provide you with ways for defeating it in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbkreak.

The Blood Orange Bishaten Characteristics

Blood Orange Bishaten

The Blood Orange Bishaten is a fanged beast that will hurl exploding pinecones at you throughout the battle, delivering Fire damage to you in the process. They may catch fire from the monster’s fire breath or through contact with a surface. 

It may be perched on its tail or its paws. With repeated blows on the tail itself, it can be easily knocked over when in the latter posture.

The Blood Orange Bishaten Weaknesses

Blood Orange Bishaten

Water strikes on this huge monster will fail. Be ready and wear armour with great resistance to this element because it does Fire damage. 

Make sure to begin the task using a weapon inflicting Water damage if you want to face it more easily. The head and tail of the Blood Orange Bishaten are particularly vulnerable. Additionally, it is particularly resistant to strikes from the Fire and Dragon elementals.

How to Beat the Blood Orange Bishaten

Blood Orange Bishaten

The hunters may sustain significant damage from the beast’s various attacks and manoeuvres. This monster, for instance, can leap into the air and slam its tail into the ground in your direction. 

It can also use its paws or tail to fling exploding fruits at you. You must follow its routine and learn to avoid its quick and slow attacks to eventually be able to counterattack this monster.

The beast stands on its feet and quickly fires breath from its mouth, therefore beware of its fire breath. The strikes, however, only shoot in one direction, making it simple for you to avoid them. While standing on the tail, it may also twist its body and then leap forward. You will be shocked and take some decent damage if this strike hits you.

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If you wish to defeat the Blood Orange Bishaten, concentrate your fire on its head and tail. The monster’s strikes and combinations may be halted by striking its tail in particular. 

Be ready to avoid the numerous melee assaults of this swift, mobile beast. Once you master the Blood Orange Bishaten’s moves, ranged threats can be readily dodged while still being dangerous.

Keep in mind that one effective way to win the battle is to mount a monster that isn’t your target and attack the Blood Orange Bishaten with it. Furthermore, you will be protected by the mounted monster from practically every explosive pinecone that the Fanged Beast may launch at you.

Once defeated, the Blood Orange Bishaten will eventually allow you to take various materials that you can use to make and enhance new equipment.

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