Genshin Impact: Leak claims version 3.0 will include free four-star character and weapon

Genshin Impact 2.8

A new major region should be added in one of the upcoming updates, according to the official announcement made at the Genshin Impact Livestream event.

Sumeru, the name of the new nation, is characterized as a strange place with magical deserts and rainforests, as well as the residence of the well-known Dendro Archon.

Players anticipate that a new primary region will introduce a good amount of additional characters to the playable cast. Three new characters should be released with the first Sumeru update, according to recent Genshin Impact leaks.

According to a reliable leaker, users might soon receive a character and a four-star weapon for free. GenshinBLANK, one of the most well-known leakers, the future Genshin Impact update may include a new four-star bow and a free four-star character named Collei.

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Genshin Impact v3.0 leak reveals four-star characters and weapon

Popular character Collei has a big part in the manga series for the game. Collei is special in that she can perform elemental abilities without a Vision. She was most likely the subject of Fatui’s Archon Residue study, which is why she has this strange power.

Genshin Impact rumours from the past have previously suggested that Collei would be a helpful bow character. Recent leaks indicate that she will be able to toss a boomerang with her elemental talent that inflicts Dendro damage both during deployment and upon return.

A little mechanical cat sidekick that Collei tosses out with her burst bursts, doing AoE Dendro damage. The cat stays on the field after the explosion and continues to do AoE damage.

Genshin Impact version 3.0 weapon leak

The free weapon is known as Microwaved Fish, and it will supposedly be available for free by completing one of the events. Genshin Impact 3.0 might debut around the middle of August, assuming recent reports about 2.8 being the final version before the upcoming big upgrade are accurate.

It makes sense that the bulk of the community is excited about the upcoming main region, which will have a novel element called Dendro.

Genshin Impact Collei
Image from Top-mmo

This could mean that update 3.0 will provide gamers with two free Dendro characters, including the brand-new Dendro Traveler.

Given that the battle mechanism in Genshin Impact depends on causing different elemental reactions, the inclusion of a new element will significantly alter how the game currently functions. Only Overgrown and Intensified, two new elemental reactions, have now been made known through leaks.

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