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Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak addition adds a total of 17 new monsters, but some of them may be recognizable to many players.

There are a lot of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monsters to hunt down and transform into jackets and hammers, including both brand-new adversaries and old foes.

None of these monsters appear very friendly, whether they are new to the series or variations on already existing creatures.

Seven recurring monsters, six subspecies, and four new monsters make up the total of 17 monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Below is a list of every new monster that the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC introduces to the game. 

New Monsters Guide

Older fans of the Monster Hunter series will recognize some of the other names floating around, like Hermitaur and Ceanataur returning from Monster Hunter 2. Bishaten, Somnacanth, Almudron, Rakna-Kadaki, Rajang, and MH: Rise mascot Magnamalo all have tougher subspecies returning to the series.

Garangolm, Lunagaron, Malzeno, and Gaismagorm are four additional monsters on that list that have never before appeared in the Monster Hunter series and make their Sunbreak debuts. The first three are referred to as the “Three Lords” as a group, and they serve as the DLC’s main antagonists and plot markers.

1. Daimyo Hermitaur

Daimyo Hermitaur

The first creature you’ll encounter in Sunbreak is a gigantic monstrous crab with a small fire vulnerability. It employs its bulky armour and summoned minions to annoy the player and launch Water attacks. Keep an eye on the claws, and when the face is exposed, chop at it. That’s sound counsel in any conflict, to be honest.

2. Blood Orange Bishaten

Blood Orange Bishaten

This sly ape is similar to Bishaten, except instead of selling deadly fruit, it deals in fiery, exploding fruit. More than anything else, it will be harmed by water and thunder, and slicing weapons to the head and tail will effectively disassemble it. Put on flame-resistant armour and work on getting close enough to stop it from launching bombs at you. 

3. Garangolm


Garangolm, the first of the Three Lords, is a huge, hulking plant monster that uses both Fire and Water in its attacks. Its only major drawback is a very tiny sensitivity to Slashing and Thunder, and it works best with melee strikes that include elemental damage. Keep moving, and when you can, try to remain behind it.

4. Shogun Ceanataur

Shogun Centaur

The Ceanataur, as opposed to the Hermitaur, which was a crab, is a lobster. Your best options to get through its defences are probably thunder, fire, and blast; cracking the shell with repeated damage also makes it susceptible to more attacks. Unsurprisingly, you’ll need to arm yourself against water if you want to defend yourself. Before starting to work on breaking that part of it, decide early whether you’re giving the shell or the head priority.

5. Aurora Somnacanth

Aurora Somnacanth

Cracking the frost will require apparent remedies, such as Fire and Blunt assaults, both of which it is vulnerable to. This Somnacanth variation is ethereal and frosty. You must play cautiously and defend against its Ice assaults until it lets down its guard and allows for reprisal because it is a swift, slippery, and evasive opponent.

6. Lunagaron


The second of the Three Lords, Lunagaron is an ice-based adversary with a large werewolf-like appearance. Again, Fire will destroy it, as will Thunder to a certain extent, and if you have a decent Blunt weapon hanging about, using it probably wouldn’t hurt. You should guard against Ice and Iceblight, and you should be careful because Lunagaron enjoys dousing itself in frost to strengthen its strikes. Similar to Boss Harag, it would become enraged after being stunned by breaking the ice. Beyond that, it’s essentially a melee fighter, so if you need a break, retreat to your wirebugs.

7. Astalos


Astalos is a large electrical wyvern that is best impeded with slashing and ice damage. However, due to its speed, it is also possible to utilize ammo weapons, which are less potent but simpler to hit targets with. Astalos specializes in ranged Thunder strikes and hit-and-run strategies. When electricity is about to go berserk, it can be seen charging up visually; however, striking the charged bodily parts can counteract these attacks.

8. Seregios


Seregios is another Wyvern, this one clad in dusty gold scales. It is vulnerable to Blunt and Thunder damage, but if you use Ice, it won’t stand much of a chance. Seregios, who is a little more robust and defensive than Astalos, poses the greatest threat because the majority of its strikes can cause bleeding, a brand-new status effect that can be fatal if you’re unprepared. Bleed can be treated by either sitting motionless for some time or by eating a well-done steak, but choose your time carefully because Seregios will try to talk you out of either course of action. 

9. Magma Almudron

Magma Almudron

Be on the lookout for the odd snake/otter Almudron, who has returned with a bulbous tail and a barrage of new Fire attacks. The tail bulb is, of course, Magma Almudron’s weak point, and inflicting water or slashing damage on it will severely harm the large creature. Try to keep up with it and land hits where you can, then back up to dodge the unavoidable flame blast. Almudrons of any kind is tricky opponents, remaining out of reach while conducting AOE attacks.

10. Espinas


The Espinas is a Wyvern that enjoys status effects and deals Fire and Poison damage because Capcom wants you to be miserable. Although Espinas primarily uses ranged strikes that do fire damage, everything he does is poisonous, including his fireballs, so keep herbal remedies on available and utilize ice damage to severely weaken it.

11. Gore Magala

Gore Magala

Gore Magala is a large, unidentified creature that resembles both a dragon and an insect. It is injured by fire and thunder and can be dazed by striking the feelers on its head. With its assaults, it causes the new Frenzy state effect, which prevents passive health regeneration and raises damage taken. More worryingly, delivering damage effectively burns away the status effect, making attacking Gore Magala the sole option to remove Frenzy until it wears off. You won’t go anywhere by waiting or staying back to eat your pills.

12. Pyre Rakna-Kadaki

Pyre Rakna Kadaki

If the current Rakna-Kadaki wasn’t scorching enough for you, this spider queen will blow your mind. It will be severely damaged by Blunt and Water, but otherwise, using Rakna-lengthy Kadaki’s wind-ups is the best choice. Her assaults typically take time to prepare but are violent and damaging to everything around them. Before she can squish you, use these windows to jump in, cause some damage, and wirebug out.

13. Malzeno


Malzeno, the third of the Three Lords, is a large Elder Dragon who creates the new Qurio “Afflicted” creatures, which are described in more detail below. Speed is crucial because it uses AOE attacks that cover a large area. Bloodblight is a new status that grants lifesteal to the victim while draining the red portion of your health bar that represents your recoverable health. You’ll need to play aggressively to survive because it is genuinely incurable and will cause problems throughout the entire battle until Malzeno is defeated.

14. Shagaru Magala

Shagaru Magala

Many of the same tactics will apply to this Elder Dragon, which is essentially a more lethal variation of Gore Magala. You should target the upper body with Fire, Dragon, and Slashing damage, as well as Poison if you have it while keeping an eye out for its erratic strikes and soaring attacks. Fast weaponry will work well but beware of the previously stated Frenzy Virus. Choose the greatest all-purpose protective armour you have since its attacks lack any elemental component.

15. Gaismagorm


Gaismagorm, the final boss of the primary Sunbreak campaign, is another Elder Dragon that has been imbued with Qurio. Compared to the other monsters, it is a little bit more of a predetermined fight. When the NPC offers counsel, heed it, and for the greatest chance, remain behind its front arms. Dragon strikes will utterly destroy Gaismagorm’s defences, but like like Shagaru Magala, you won’t have much of a chance to fend it off due to its lack of elemental strength. Target the Qurio clumps on its body to inflict severe harm and hinder its ability to attack.

16. Furious Rajang

Furious Rajang

Yes, that vile bull-chimp is back once more. The normal Rajang is extremely deadly, but the variant known as Furious Rajang never leaves its enhanced gold-fur form. It primarily deals with Thunder damage and, if you have it, is weak to Ice. Be ready for an enemy that is extremely hostile and has the potential to become much more vicious when it goes into a fury state.

17. Scorned Magnamalo

Scorned Magnamalo

For Sunbreak’s endgame, the box-cover beast from MH Rise reappears in a new, improved form, so get your water assaults ready to put it out of commission. Scorned Magnamalo employs sweeping strikes and energy beams to throw attacks over a large area, and it exploits the species’ special Hellfire state to make players explode up if they don’t wiredash immediately. Your wirebugs will be crucial in this battle; be prepared to send them out at a moment’s notice.

When pursuing an afflicted monster, be ready for something nastier than usual; but, if you succeed, you’ll receive some incredible prizes. Sunbreak’s challenges are no match for those who can defeat the Afflicted Monsters.

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