Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: All Relic Record Locations in Frost Islands

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If players carefully explore the Frost Islands in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, they will discover several surprises. These consist of the secret Relic Records that gamers can discover to obtain a few prizes.

Players may take on the ultimate hunting challenge in Monster Hunter Rise as they attempt to protect their community from the evil Rampage, a stampede of angered monsters propelled by an unknown power. However, you may learn more about your surroundings as you visit several zones to battle your adversaries.

You have come to the right if you need assistance locating them. This guide will outline where each of the 10 Relic Records is located in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Frost Islands, as well as how to discover them so you can get prizes right away while exploring more of this exceptional and epic area.

You may hunt for Relic Records to add to your collection, which can benefit you in a variety of ways and give you a better understanding of the game’s narrative. Here is all the information you need to get them.

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How to find all Relic Records in Frost Islands

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak game has 10 Relic Records that may be found. Each of their locations is listed below.

  • Every Shrine Ruins Relic Record
  • Every Frost Islands Relic Record
  • Every Sandy Plains Relic Record
  • Every Lava Caverns Relic Record
  • Every Flooded Forest Relic Record
  • Every Rampage Relic Record
  • Every Jungle Relic Record
  • Every Citadel Relic Record

Relic Record Rewards

Merchants Kagero and Oboro will reward you with a piece of décor for your rooms once you get 5 Relic Records on one of the main zones. The following are some of them, which change based on the region you finished:

Area5 Relic Records Rewards10 Relic Records Rewards
Shrine RuinsArzuros CarvingMagnamalo Carving
Frost IslandsGoss Harag CarvingTetranadon Carving
Sandy PlainsAlmudron CarvingIzuchi Carving
Lava CavernsRakna-Kadaki CarvingAknosom Carving
Flooded ForestSomnacanth CarvingBishaten Carving
JungleDaimyo Hermitaur StatueAstalos Statue
CitadelGarangolm StatueLunagaron Statue
Table from The Gamer

Kagero The Merchant will reward you with the following items if you have collected all 60 Relic Records:

  • Ibushi Carving x1
  • Narwa Carving x1
  • Guild Card Award “Antique Bookmark

That’s all we have in our walkthrough of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Frost Islands Relic Records locations.

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