Derek Chisora vs Deontay Wilder? Tony Bellew's live reaction said it all

Derek Chisora vs Deontay Wilder - Tony Bellew

Derek Chisora halted his run of three straight defeats with a victory over Kubrat Pulev at the O2 Arena in London to silence his critics, before setting sights on Deontay Wilder.

He took the victory via split decision, shocking many who thought he would take a fourth loss in a row and be put into retirement.

However, he is now looking to go big, wanting to take on the Bronze Bomber, which would be a disaster for Chisora in many people’s opinion.

After his fight, Tony Bellew and David Haye were on punditry duty for DAZN, with the contrasting views of the pair saying it all.

Both said they would like to see a third fight between Chisora and Pulev to complete the trilogy, although they were in clear disagreement on the Wilder claims.

Bellew, who was donning all blue on set, even his trainers as a nod to his Everton allegiance, is a good friend of Chisora. He really couldn’t hide his feelings about the potential matchup.

The former boxer wasn’t keen on the matchup, when Laura Woods said that he would rather face the Bronze Bomber, Bellew pulled a face that painted a thousand words, he clearly wasn’t a fan.

Derek Chisora

He responded by saying: “I’d rather see him fight Pulev again.” Bellew was quick to try and quash any talk of Chisora vs Wilder

After Haye was gunning for a fight between Chisora and Wilder, Bellew was clearly frustrated, retorting: “I’m not paying for that.”

The difference in responses said it all, Bellew, being a good friend of Chisora, knows the matchup wouldn’t be serious for the 38-year-old who is towards the end of his career.

Wilder is only a few years younger but has been at the top of the heavyweight division recently, taking on a trilogy with Tyson Fury and almost winning one fight against the unbeaten Gypsy King.

Given the different stages of their career and difference in fighting records, it certainly nods to being a bit of a mismatch, so Bellew’s concern for a good friend is justified and shows us the risk of Chisora taking on Wilder.

Fans agreed on the matter, with one person sharing the clip and saying: “That is the reaction of a friend and somebody who knows boxing. Nobody with any sense of conscience should be calling for Wilder v Chisora.”

This just makes Haye’s comments even more nonsensical, gunning for a fight that shouldn’t really be considered, it would likely just be a bloodbath. If it was a good idea, Bellew would’ve been all for it for sure.

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