Genshin Impact: Top 10 strongest characters

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, which stands out among gacha games for its open-world setting, has reportedly taken the world by storm thanks to its impressive cast of characters.

Over the years, Genshin Impact has released numerous characters. In retrospect, all of the characters in Genshin Impact are strong enough to succeed thanks to their skills.

There are many different characters in the game, but some stand out as the most strong fighters.

There are many powerful characters in Genshin Impact, but how strong they appear to you as the player may not always match how powerful they are.

The top 10 Genshin Impact Characters are listed below, along with a description of each character’s abilities and what sets them apart from the other characters on the roster.

Genshin Impact’s top 10 strongest characters

The game’s top 10 strongest playable characters are listed here.

10. Klee


Although Klee is young, don’t be deceived by that fact. We agree that Klee is the Knights of Favonius’s strongest member, a claim that is made jokingly. Klee is one of the game’s strongest characters because of her proficiency and fascination with pyrotechnics. 

Klee, who largely reflects her mother Alice, views enjoyment as throwing bombs wherever she can and watching the explosions. Along with fishing, Klee frequently detonates bombs in bodies of water.

As a result of being supervised by Acting Grandmaster Jean of the Knights of Favonious, Klee frequently finds it challenging to follow the laws and standards of safety that are necessary for a city. With different degrees of success, Jean must warn Klee of the risks associated with her explosives.

9. Diluc


The present owner of the Dawn Winery and a highly esteemed aristocrat in Mondstadt society is Diluc Ragnvindr. Diluc used to be a Knight of Favonius but left after discovering his father was having an affair. He no longer works with the Knights of Favonius due to an earlier event, but he still defends Mondstadt in his own manner.

Diluc was regarded as the best of the Knights of Favonius during his time with them. If only he had stayed in service, he most likely would have taken Jean’s place as Grandmaster at this point. He would have become much more powerful as a result.

8. Lisa 


Lisa is not the fan favourite in Genshin Impact despite being one of the free 4-star characters. She is not especially successful as a damage dealer or support in-game, but she has a lot of accomplishments that might make her one of the most powerful characters in terms of legend.

Lisa Minci, who was formerly regarded as the most powerful mage and was honoured as Sumeru Academia’s most prestigious graduate in 200 years, has since moved back to Mondstadt and taken a modest position as the Knights of Favonius’ Librarian. 

During her time there, Lisa witnessed how gaining too much knowledge may alter a person. Despite not being well-liked in battle, Lisa is undoubtedly one of the most powerful characters in the Genshin Impact story.

7. Albedo


The Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Knights of Favonius’ Investigation Team is Albedo. Albedo is a synthetic human created by the alchemist Rhinedottir, whose mysterious experiments and intelligence are sufficient evidence of his ability.

With Sucrose and Timaeus serving as his assistants and Klee’s mother Alice’s recommendation, the adventurer maintains an eagerness to learn about Teyvat and meticulously studies everything around him.

 Albedo must be pretty powerful and capable if Alice discovered something remarkable about him. He became quite a concerning character in Mondstadt as a result of his repeated hints that he would one day destroy the city.

6. La Signora

La Signora

One of the first enemies in the early chapters of the Archon Quests, Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, also known as La Signora and by her alias “The Fair Lady,” was No. 8 of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. 

She also makes her first appearance as a Harbinger of the Fatui when she ambushes Venti and defeats him to take his Gnosis. She accomplished that without using her vision or Delusion.

Before turning into a Fatui Harbinger five hundred years ago, Rosalyne was a typical Mondstadt resident and student at Sumeru Academia. 

She used the skill of liquid fire to change her body into that of a living flame after her lover Rostam perished after the fall of Khaenri’ah. She was later known as the Crimson Witch of Flame.

La Signora was killed by the Shogun’s Musou no Hitotachi after being defeated by the Traveler in a duel in front of Raiden Shogun’s throne.

5. Ganyu


Ganyu, who is half Adeptus, is a potential deity and is likely to live an extraordinarily long life. She is Liyue Qixing’s general secretary and a half-qilin Adeptus working under contract with the Geo Archon Morax.

Even before the Archon War, she had been alive for countless years. She fought alongside Rex Lapis, the Geo Archon, in the battle and together they defeated countless enemies. 

Although Ganyu is a skilled fighter, she mainly stays to herself to handle Liyue’s papers and maintain order in the office. She is also noticeably less strong than other, more skilled Adepti like Xiao.

4. Xiao


Xiao is an Adeptus who purges evil and guards Liyue against danger. He is an ancient warrior who regularly engages in combat with gods. 

He participated in the Archon War because he is more than 2,000 years old. Xiao has had the luxury of time, which he has wisely exploited to grow into one of the most powerful Adepti ever. Xiao is the sole survivor of the five Adepti that Rex Lapis chose to become Yakshas or skilled demon slayers.

After the Archon War, Xiao’s responsibility as a Yaksha was to destroy the demons that had taken over the country. Despite his long life, he appears to know very little, but to him, fighting comes as naturally as breathing. 

He has considerable fighting skills thanks to his countless years of combat experience, and he has shown that he is capable of teleporting to any location. Xiao lives in Wangshu Inn and keeps to himself most of the time, avoiding crowds and social situations.

3. Traveler


The Traveler, the main character of Genshin Impact, is a naturally strong individual, but what sets them apart from the rest is their singularity. Twin siblings from a different planet travelled the cosmos at the start of the game before a mysterious god stopped them, caught one of them, and sealed their ability to travel, leaving them trapped on Teyvat.

The Traveler, who may have been a god or a being from another planet, has incredible speed and the ability to fly in the past. It’s also possible that he formerly possessed otherworldly abilities that were imprisoned at the start of the game. 

The Traveler can still resonate with and master any element, and that’s without having a vision, even without access to these powers. No other Teyvat character can command multiple elements. The Traveler’s power in the story has not yet reached its full potential, though.

2. Venti


Venti is a travelling bard from Mondstadt who enjoys Dandelion Wine and lives with a pretty easy-going attitude. Venti is hiding, just as Rex Lapis, as is the Anemo Archon, Barbatos’ present mortal vehicle. 

Barbatos is regarded as the weakest of the Archons, but he is still incredibly strong. Venti was able to transform the entire area’s landscape into the Mondstadt we know today after he helped bring down Decarabian and attained godhood.

Venti does not rule Mondstadt; rather, he grants its citizens the freedom to handle their affairs. However, Mondstadt can always feel secure under Barbatos’ protection as he would guard the city against all forms of evil in times of crisis.

The residents of Mondstadt highly esteem him and try to carry out his requests for a free life. Given that Mondstadt lives by his words, he might be considered to be quite influential.

1. Zhongli


The Geo Archon himself, Zhongli, is the most powerful figure in Genshin Impact’s lore. Since no one could kill him due to his incredible strength, he pretended to be dead to escape responsibility. 

As the oldest living God, Zhongli is also one of the final survivors of the original Seven. He has extensive knowledge about Liyue’s past and present, in part because of his time serving as the Geo Archon. Since he was a god long before The Seven even existed, he, too, has a wealth of experiences and memories.

He currently holds the position of Consultant at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor and is an Adeptus. But before he faked his death, Rex Lapis had accomplished many amazing things.

 Zhongli was not only capable of killing many minor gods and animals of the apocalypse like Osial and Azhdara, but he could also build enormous areas of land with just the motion of his hands. For instance, he used huge stone lances to defeat Osial. 

Later, the Guyun Stone Forest, an actual island, emerged in the aftermath of this conflict. Zhongli relocated his people south of Mount Tianheng about 3700 years ago when he founded Liyue Harbor. In addition, he could produce Mora, the Teyvati currency that bears his name.

So, that’s the list of the top 10 Genshin Impact’s strongest characters.

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