Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How To Get Monster Scrap

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

For your animal pals in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, finding Scrap might mean the world.

The main goal of a Monster Hunter in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is to improve and strengthen themselves to meet and defeat dangerous monsters in the future. However, you won’t be travelling alone; your Palico and Palamute will serve as your travelling companions and combat allies.

If you wish to equip your friends to survive in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you’ll need to collect scraps. Armour and weaponry made of Palico and Palamute are forged using these materials. 

You won’t find them in the wild, and you can’t get them the same way you get components for hunter gear. 

Here is how to get monster scrap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

How to get monster scrap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
  • Craft hunter weapons or armour.
  • Trade-in monster materials for scrap.

You produce scraps each time you make a piece of armour or a weapon. The kind of item you made will affect which ones you receive. You will receive one or more Rathalos Scraps, for instance, if you use parts from that monster to create a piece of Rathalos armour or a weapon.

Armour and weaponry developed by Palico and Palamute need far fewer resources than those used by hunters. Your friend can outfit himself completely with a few shreds. But occasionally you’ll discover that you’re missing a few components. If so, you can speak with Buddy Smithy and decide whether to exchange monster components for scraps.

The general rule is that you’ll get more scraps for material the rarer it is. However, you should be careful when deciding which thing to trade in. Even if you don’t now need a substance, selling it for a few pieces of scrap could lead to major aggravation in the future. We advise retaining rarer items like jewels and trading only scrap that yields 1-2 pieces.

List of monster scrap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter Rise, there are 60 different kinds of monster scraps. There are numerous rankings for each of them, though, for a total of 180. There is a “+” version of each of these scraps that are created with High-Rank materials. A new set for Master Rank was released with the release of Sunbreak and bears the prefix “Heavy.”

All of the monster scrap found in Monster Hunter Rise is listed below:

  • Aknosom Scrap
  • Almudron Scrap
  • Anjanath Scrap
  • Archdemon Scrap
  • Arzuros Scrap
  • Astalos Scrap
  • Baggi Scrap
  • Barioth Scrap
  • Barroth Scrap
  • Basarios Scrap
  • Bazel Scrap
  • Bishaten Scrap
  • Bnahabra Scrap
  • Bone Scrap
  • Chameleos Scrap
  • Diablos Scrap
  • Espinas Scrap
  • Fur Scrap
  • Gore Magala Scrap
  • Goss Harag Scrap
  • Great Baggi Scrap
  • Great Jaggi Scrap
  • Great Wroggi Scrap
  • Hermitaur Scrap
  • Humble Scrap
  • Ibushi Scrap
  • Insect Scrap
  • Izuchi Scrap
  • Jaggi Scrap
  • Jyura Scrap
  • Kadachi Scrap
  • Khezu Scrap
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Scrap
  • Kushala Daora Scrap
  • Lagombi Scrap
  • Lunagaron Scrap
  • Magnamalo Scrap
  • Mizutsune Scrap
  • Nargacuga Scrap
  • Narwa Scrap
  • Ore Scrap
  • Pukei Scrap
  • Rajang Scrap
  • Rakna Scrap
  • Rathalos Scrap
  • Rathian Scrap
  • Rhenoplos Scrap
  • Royal Ludroth Scrap
  • Seregios Scrap
  • Shagaru Magala Scrap
  • Shogun Scrap
  • Slagtoth Scrap
  • Somna Scrap
  • Teostra Scrap
  • Tetra Scrap
  • Tigrex Scrap
  • Valstrax Scrap
  • Volvidon Scrap
  • Wroggi Scrap
  • Zinogre Scrap

And that concludes our guide on how to get more monster scrap in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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